Monday, September 24, 2012

Traveling back in time...for shoes

Last week, I implored my husband to replace his tattered shoes. I have been imploring for a while and "tattered" is sugar coating the description. I knew that the lure of preppy, throwback, goodness would be hard to resist forever. I mentioned a little shoe store in downtown Fredericksburg that had Sebago Docksides and he finally relented.
We made a fun afternoon of it and had lunch at a charming place with awesome food and made our way down the street to Crismond's shoe store, in business since 1911.

Just to the right of center you can see the sign "SHOES"
This is where it got weird. We went in and a very elderly lady greeted us as she swept the floor with a fair bit of difficulty. A younger man (60ish) sat in a chair reading the paper. He was her nephew, we later learned.

Did you wear these in the '70s?

The store fixtures were decidedly vintage and it took me some time to notice, and believe, that the shoes in stock were too.
The "Hush Puppies" or "Earth Shoes" had actually been there since the 70s.

Most of the 30+ year-old shoes were in narrow sizes and $15, which was sported on a yellow square price tag. Remember those?

It was truly sad to see these forgotten bits of fashion in a store that curiously still exists.
I took the photos on my phone and thought I had better ask permission until I realized that the old lady could barely hear and more than likely did not know what a blog was.

This last crazy pair of shoes fell in the category "so ugly they are cool" and I would have shelled out $15 had they not been a size too small. I feel obligated to back for some reason. It was sad but also a sentimental journey into my childhood when sales and selling were more simple and straightforward.
Oddly, they had Sebagos in my husband's size and we bought them because they were only $50. They are $70 and up everywhere else.

He insists on wearing them with socks but at least they are presentable. Now I have to convince him to wear plaid shorts and a pink polo shirt and my work is done!


Nancy said...

Wow, what a trip down memory lane! Funny but odd. It does make you want to go back there and support the family business though. Glad hubby got spruced up!
xo Nancy

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I remember Hush Puppies and Buster Browns. And we used to call those short suede boots desert boots. Weird. Glad you got found some new shoes for the hubby - and too funny about the socks. Baby steps....

My Crafty Home Life said...

I did wear those shoes in the first picture. They would probably work well for gardening, now. It is so strange but true when they say you can never go back.

Kristie Franklin said...

It is sad...I went into a shoe store that was similar to the one you mentioned and while I'd have to say that they were a bit more updated than the one you show photos of they too were a bit behind the times. An older couple and their son ran it.

Good luck with the plaid shorts and pink polo shirt! HAH

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

This is too funny a post! and a little sad at the same time!!
Your husband sounds like MC! MC has no, absolutely no interest in his "wardrobe". Think when he left the Air Force all that structure went out the window. He always wears socks and.... I have to remind him not wear black socks with his "walking shoes"...Oh yes, we have a "check" before we go out the door. Not even going to his other attire!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

gotta love these quirky family business. I guess the shoes never sold so there they sit! LOL Too funny -I sort of love those 'ugly' shoes. Too bad they didn't fit!