Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My house is neater plus goodies for design/math geeks

One of the perks of having a large family is the slave labor help from the kids. I won't bore you with my chore lists but there are more people available to accomplish them and I am insisting on the house looking presentable at all times. Note: I said presentable not perfect.

Another pleasant effect was that moving my desk into the entry hall forces me to keep it neat. I had a habit of piling on the paper and bills and closing the door. Tisk, tisk. I have always had a problem with clutter accumulating.
I think it is a lovely addition to the large but awkward space.

When it comes to proportion, I am a fan of the  Golden ratio or phi .
Here is a graphic representation, which is what I am interested in.

The trouble with it is that most ready made canvases are not in line with these proportions. Bugger! I still aim for the sweet spot as noted by the center of the spiral as my focal point or a basic 3:2 ratio for a point of intersection in my painting compositions.
Look around you with a measuring tape and take note at the eye-pleasing things that follow this ratio.

 Here is fantastic calculator so that people that are math impaired, like me, can get it done
Let me know what you find


Kim said...

Oh Kerry!! Can you please explain this to me? I think I am not smart enough to figure this out quite so early in the morning!! I will check back this afternoon and see if my brain can handle it!!! xo

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Your desk looks great in the foyer! I love the lamp on top. Is that an antique Italian marble / stone lamp? Where did you find it?

My Crafty Home Life said...

I like your desk there, too. As for the's like when I was trying to educate my lawyer about her drip system in her window boxes. A Foreign language exchange.

Nancy said...

Funny I had never heard of this formula until you. I still wing it since I am anti-math or anti any painting formula. The eye is my formula! You intrigue me though with this, I will delve into it.
Love that desk with the curved front and x legs!

Kristie Franklin said...

Decorating the area around a staircase is difficult at best. That's why most people don't even attempt to do anything with it. Your desk seems to fit in very nicely there. :)

StagerLinda said...

I'm super impressed--I'm so not a math person. Can't wait to watch this unfold. Great vignette in the foyer with your desk.