Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How do you play?

I find the differences in how people live curious, fascinating and sometimes a little horrifying. I will never understand people with "showplace kitchens" that do not cook. Also, I have come to realize that it is the norm use a formal living room or dining room space as a playroom.

Here is where my opinion is going to turn people off. I find that a room that is a mecca of pink and primary plastic completely horrifying.  I am a toy minimalist, plastic and battery-operated hater, and a fan of integrated spaces. I think that makes me weird in comparison.

My family room is is a shared family room. My three year-old has a shelf with toy bins and a the chest that holds the TV has a few additional toys and movies but all in all, it is a grown-up space... with toys in it.

Smart storage is a huge part of making it work for all of us.

I personally do not want a separate playroom. I like to have my little one near me while I cook or paint or relax (haha that last one is funny)

Do you agree or do you think I am a big meanie?


Cathy Wall said...

So with you! Integrated spaces is the way to go, in fact kids like to be near their parents when they are little. (Not so much when they are teenagers.....!)

Kim said...

AGREE!! 100% I have seen the extreme examples of playrooms that parents are so proud of ... and the kids never stay in there, hence their toys are still scattered around the house!! Might as well include the little ones in day to day life and help them learn to live in a grown up house too!! xo

Nancy said...

Agreed! A room full of plastic toys that the kids become numb to is such a waste of resources I feel and giving them all that doesn't do them any favors ( I have learned in hind sight.) I think what you're doing with Helen is GREAT!!!!
Tell her to call me on her apple phone again !!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I never had a dedicated playroom for my kids - most of their toys were stored in their own bedrooms. At the end of the day, we gathered up the toys and put them back in their bedrooms. Underbed storage boxes were a lifesaver!


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I AGREE !!! I realize what I am about to say will be different than how most live today, but it's the way I grew up and the way we raised our children.
It has been years, many, since our children lived with us. They range in age from 52 to (almost) 50. Yes, we had three babies in three years! Talk about an insane life!!!!
We all shared the spaces. Our children "Learned" to live and play with their toys along side of our things. Toys were put away at night. What a concept! Our children never bothered with our things or disturbed them. They appreciated them. The Big Plus.. when we visited others.....they never disturbed their items! We never had to put things up high or put away, so the "kids" didn't break them....and we don't today when the grandchildren come to visit.
Nothing gets broken and we all still have fun...amazing!

Kristie Franklin said...

My kids always played where we were via the living room, kitchen or bedroom. I never wanted them to be off in another room. As they got older, they would play in their rooms...a decision I let them make. :)