Friday, November 4, 2011

Lighting find

This has to be my lowest priced, non-thrifted find.
I have been wanting a pair of gourd lamps for my living room to round out table lighting and the moder elements. The least expensive gourd lamp I found was $49.99 at World Market. Two at that price plus another $50 for shades had me wanting to wait a while. 
The Brno chairs blew the budget (side note they will arrive on the 9th, yay!) in big way.
Now for the super cheap find. I was browsing toothbrushes in my handy,dandy local Walmart and a black lampshade caught my eye. They seem to be scarce in these parts. Anyways, there were the two lamps at $15 each! Ack! 
I went 'round and 'round with shades but ended up with these black shades, also a bargain at $15 at Walmart. 

The area rug and coffee table have got to go and the black velvet chair will be moved to another room.
I am expecting a large abstract painting for above the sofa next week. I am totally pleased with my $60 pair of lamps and shades and so is my wallet.
More inexpensive lighting in my high/low post HERE.


Windlost said...

Your room is gorgeous - I love all your elements - the wonderful sofa, the end tables, the marvellous lamps, that gorgeous wing chair, the perfectly scaled coffee table and the rug...all perfect - a girl after my own heart!
Wicked find on those lamps - love the black!!
xo Terri

Bourbon&Pearls said...

Oh are you getting those chairs? They are spectacular!