Thursday, November 17, 2011

coffee table trays

I have coffee tables on my mind. I need to figure out something for my living room.
Off subject, but everyone in my house hates the Brno chairs. It just gives credence to room reveals HGTV style. People just don't get it unless its all there at once.

I don't necessarily want an ottoman with a tray as a coffee table for myself but I like them.

I am really just paying attention to the ways that other people style their trays. Books and a flower arrangement seem to be standard.

Bowling pins are much more rare-haha.

Very large trays are common.
Most of them leave me cold.

I tend to think of ottomans with trays as a more traditional element but they can have a place in a more Spartan space.

I know, no tray, but I had to include this little Moroccan cutie with a fur hat. 
I want one.
Are you a tray person?
Do you fret about styling your coffee table?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

my coffee table has a tray to corale all of my 'stuff' -it has a stack of coasters, a candle, a little box filled with matches and a lighter, a pretty little dish for miscelenous stuff like teabags or discarded nut shells and a bowl of hershey kisses or something like that usually. As you can imagine it's pretty full so styling of it just 'happens'. The rest of my coffee table is a jumble of the 25 daily magazines and new design magazines with coasters on top of it all! It all sort of styles itself (into one big mess). My coffee table is the nelson slat bench in black which I love! It provides extra seating and is sturdy for putting your feet up and for holding cups and plates.

The Pink Pagoda said...

My living room coffee table has a plant and a stack of books. It could use a bit more attention. The ottoman in the den is for our feet and the dog!