Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas table setting

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Having missed out on setting a Thanksgiving table, I am pondering my Christmas table with excitement.
I think this year I will use different china than usual. Here are my choices.
Last year I used my grandmother's California Ivy. It has the right green for a Christmas-ey feel but it is also rather casual.
I was originally thinking of combining it with my great grandmother's Queen's Green and Princess Green, two very similar sets with the Ivy.
I think I want a richer palette.
I have four of these Wedgewood Cow plates...
interestingly in my lazy effort at photos for the post I grabbed this image from Replacements.com and noted the selling price of $209 per plate. Yikes!
I would like to get clear glass plates to actually put food on and use the cow plates as a charger of sorts.
This is another antique set I have but only salad and bread plates, perfect for the top layer.
I will use my formal silver and white linen napkins. 
I can't decide whether to use my Jefferson cups for water as usual or group them with flowers for a centerpiece.
As for the tablecloth, I am considering buying a plain white cloth and using my wooden stamp to stamp the design in blue. I think repeating the colors from the china with a different ethnic vibe could work nicely.
What do you think?
You'll have to wait 'til Christmas to see what I actually do and it could change by then. I am not exactly the most decisive person on Earth.

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My Beautiful World said...

Hi Kerry just found your lovely blog love the table setting I love everything about christmas. If you find a spare minute come and visit me I'm now following you so I can visit often follow back if you like. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Always Wendy