Friday, November 11, 2011

The sentimental home

Collection of special things on my vanity

Little timeworn or threadbare pieces that are sprinkled through a house, seemingly without relevance to their surroundings are often a telltale sign of the owner's sentimentality. 
Some tuck these things away preferring a curated interior and others use them to punctuate their decor.

Eyeore peeks from the top of our highboy
In my bedroom, a pincushion in the shape of Eyeore peeks at us from its perch on our highboy and my bedside dresser holds an odd handmade basket of ribbon  flowers that were a gift when I was five.

Great-grandma's Victorian slipper chair
Some of these things I'd keep regardless of their origin. I just like them. Some are a struggle. The Victorian slipper chair is not my style but it was my great-grandmother's and I have fond memories of the part it played in my childhood.
When my grandfather died and the chair was up for grabs I initially left it behind because of the sheer volume of stuff I had to fit into my tiny house. Later I went back for it and I am glad I did. I will always regret the Chinese Chippendale chair that I passed up but it less sentimental value.

All of these things are the keepers of memories for me and make my house uniquely mine and add to the eccentricity.
Do you have any sentimental decor?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I assume the chair is reupholstered? I have a few things like that in my own apartment but thats what makes a home unique -those little quirky things like that!

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

Yes, the chair was redone in the late '80s. When I was a kid it was a pale red (not exactly pink) dotted Damask. I used to stick my tiny fingers under the gimp trim to peek at the previous upholstery. I think this one was gold and it was glorious!

Windlost said...

Kerry, you have charming things. I really like the slipper chair actually - you should re-cover it in a Kerry kind of fabric! :)

xo Terri