Monday, November 28, 2011

Real or fake?

I think I am the only design junkie that hates putting up Christmas decorations, not having them just putting them up. The list of to dos grows ever longer at this time of year and for me the dread of rifling through all of that stuff, only to do it in reverse in a month, creeps in.

Not gonna happen in my house

Five years ago, I started putting up an artificial tree. I was in a house with 8 foot ceilings and really tired of the mess a real tree created. I still like a realistic looking one without fake snow or some strange color.
Frasier fir
Before that, my entire adult life included a Frasier fir every year. When my older kids were little we lived in a Victorian house with high ceilings and a bay of windows at the front. It was the perfect place for a huge tree.
I loved the smell but not the constant sweeping of fallen needles.
Frasier firs are known for their soft needles.
I will tell you that they are not that soft.
The first Christmas that their father was not at our house I insisted on buying a real tree and keeping everything the same.  I easily removed the tree from my roof rack, sawed of the end, and got it into the house. The fun came when I was trying to get it into the stand and straighten it. I was doing this all with no one else there and it was getting warm. Figuring it was no big deal I took off my sweater and wrestled the tree into place.
This is how I know that the needles are pretty darn scratchy! I looked like I fell into a briar patch.
I always retain my clothing when decorating for Christmas now, much to the relief of my family and neighbors.

How much effort do you put into decorating for Christmas?
Are you a real or fake tree user?


Karena said...

Kerry my condo is small so I do not put up a tree any longer, though as you can see I have started with my little helper, with some decor. candles, wreathes, garlands, Santas etc.


Art by Karena

Bourbon&Pearls said...

Real tree, I love how the scent fills the room, but it is so sad seeing them all outside waiting for the bin men come January.

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

@B&P I should have mentioned that I stock up on candles and evergreen air fresheners each year so that my house does smell like a real tree.

An Urban Cottage said...

I like both for different reasons. I like fake because I have a huge collection of ornaments and you can pack more on, or move a branch a little when necessary.

I like real because searching for the perfect tree, tying it to the car and bringing it home is part of the Christmas experience...and, of course, the scent is wonderful.

Renée Finberg said...


i am with you.
i think it is a huge pain in the bumm.
i like it when it is all done because it's beautiful.
then there is the atrocious organizing and putting everything away.