Thursday, November 3, 2011

Design fickle

Did you ever fall head over heels for a fabric, lamp, piece of furniture for your home only to find something that you like better after you buy it?
 That has, lately, been the story of my decorating life.
For instance, the curtains in my kitchen and family room.

Chinoiserie print on linen on glass door

Family room with two yellow Robert Allen fabrics
I still like them. I had better like them for the cost prohibits just getting something new. Sometimes I wish I had chosen something more geometric but traditional too.

I second guess my choices in my own house often.
Another choice in my family room involves just being impatient.
That brown chair bugs me
The need for more seating than just a sofa was on my mind. I didn't want to fork over the cash for two Barcelona chairs and while antique shopping I bought the brown chair for $275. Hmmm. Not sure I should have done that. On the plus side, it weighs a ton and is very well made. It sat on Capitol Hill in some nameless congressman's office since the 1950's. It is rather petite and most importantly, kid-proof.
Maybe if I had waited a better option would've presented itself.

I like this one from CB2

There really are only a few things on my "regret list" but every time I look at them I think "should I have bought that?"
Do you have any home purchases that you regret?

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