Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What the hell happened?

The answer is Covid-19. Well and all of our answers to it. In South Carolina ( as of March 24) we are just told to practice social distancing and stay home if possible But in other places the citizens are told to shelter in place.
My work, a high-end furniture store, is still open and people are still coming in! I told my boss that I could no longer come in due to an autoimmune disorder that I have, but I sent in the sales people. I'm not sure if that is a good idea or not. I want the hourly workers to get paid and stick around but not too sure about the risk to them and their families.

At first I did not understand how people could not know what day it was or experience anxiety by being at home. Now I'm starting to get it. No one knows the future and that's scary.
Am I painting? No, not really. I don't know why. I did start to clean up my house. And eat too much.

Not apples though.
My husband has been working from home for over a week and my daughter has been homeschooled by her teachers for about 15 minutes a day for over a week. I'm not sure how she gets the work done so quickly and why there is so little of it.
Life is crazy and boring and unsure.
So tell me... what are you doing during this pandemic? Anything fun? Tell me where you live and what the "rules" are right now.

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Spotlight on Poetry said...

Getting a print newspaper helps me know what day it is:
Wednesday is Food, Thursday is film; Saturday is
Home and local travel, etc.
Being an introvert hasn't helped as much as I thought.
I think it's the being told I have to stay at home
(rather than it being a choice) that gets to me.
It's also depressing when you realize that
you're in the old grouping. I don't feel old.