Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Happy March, my friends.
On the table above you can see my latest finds. The footed milk glass urn was $1 at a local thrift and it has a big sister, who is already holding a plant. Its a digression, but the plant is well over a hundred years old and by some miracle I have managed to keep it alive. Neat, huh?

The other item is from Etsy but it was $7 so I think it counts. It is a vintage Lucite tortoise shell tray and I am absolutely ga-ga over it. I found it at the Etsy shop Folding Chairs. I could swear my grandmother had one when I was little. These two won't be staying where you see them. I actually don't really know what they will do in my house but there it is.

In other news...
not really
but here is my latest painting.

It is not on Etsy because I am going to enter it in a regional juried show.
 Love it? Hate it? Want to set in fire?
Any ideas for a title?
I had a few but I'd love to hear your ideas.


Di said...

Great job, I like it. Title: She was comfortable in her own skin. Hee Hee!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Wow, that etsy shop has great stuff. Good find. I love you new painting, by the way.

Cathy Wall said...

Beautiful painting Kerry! I'm not good with titles, but to me simple is better.... "Nude" because of it's subject and color? Yup, don't hire me as your painting namer!!!

Karena said...

Adore the tortoise shell tray! Your nude is wonderful, Serene.

Art by Karena

My Notting Hill said...

Oh, I love your tortoise shell tray too. Beautiful painting too - the nude has a wonderful quality too - vintage and modern at the same time.

Kris said...

Great finds! Love the tortoise shell tray.

I like the nude it has a warm feel to it.

Julie of Monkey Grass Hill said...

I really like your nude. Her bob and big bottom kind of remind me of me. (wish my nose looked more like hers) So, if you wanted to call it Julie turns 45 I wouldn't mind :)