Monday, March 26, 2012

Painting the bath

Warning this is not a post about design or art... exactly..sorry.

I have a busy week ahead and a sick baby, again. It was the darn birthday parties. She needs a hazmat suit to go to the next one.
Anyway, yesterday she wanted to paint but her tiny little stuffed up nose and not so tiny cough warranted a bath.
We did both. I mixed equal parts tempera paint and baby bath liquid soap and plopped her in our big soaking tub full (not full) of warm water with a paintbrush and a little cup of this paint. She spent a long time painting the walls and her toes and clearing the congestion.
I have a confession to make... I hate it when kids paint. I know, how awful of me. Its that the mess hating part of me nearly has heart failure when the little ones fling it about but they love it so much. This was the perfect solution. The mess was contained and rinsed or wiped off with little effort.
Back to design tomorrow.


Kris said...

So sorry to hear that the little one is sick. It seems that if you're a stay at home mom and kids aren't around other little kids they seem to pick up EVERYTHING when they are! I've taken care of my grandkids and they were never sick until they started into daycare. Then they picked up everything. In the course of a year they had every cold, childhood disease and flu that was going around. You're right about the hazmat suit! LOL

My Crafty Home Life said...

That was a great idea! I never thought of that when my kids were younger. I bought those yucky bath paints. By the way, I hate when kids paint, too. My mom is the best grandmother, and would break out all the "stuff" when she came to visit. I would say...go far into the yard!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Does sound like the perfect solution and hopefully it will make her better soon.

Teri said...

What a great idea...very creative of you. And all you had to do was rinse the mess away! I hate the germs more than the paint!!