Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chair Envy

Every yard sale, antique store and furniture store holds at least one chair that catches my eye. I have been forbidden to buy any more chairs. 
Love my Brno chairs.

The Corbu chair by architect Le Corbusier is a post modern icon and blends well with most decorating styles.
The Barcelona chair designed by architect Mies ver der Rohe is another mid-century must have. Most people that know me would be surprised to see that I chose this chair as a favorite, being a bit of a traditionalist and the fact that I don't own any...yet. They are especially pleasing in pairs.
This one from is Anthropologie . Traditional design paired with anything unexpected really speaks to me.
This one from Downtown was just too groovy to be left out.
This is an example of a crapaud. Its funny name, pronounced crapo, means frog in French. There are other chairs with similar lines and the same name.


 I almost bought one of those two from CB2 for my family room but my husband hates armless chairs.

A real favorite is this antique French child's chair that has been enjoyed by four generations of children in my family and no one knows how many others.
Here are a few more of mine.


Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

I love an accent chair with personality, it adds so much charm to a room. How wonderful that you've had that child's chair in you family for at least four generations.

Anonymous said...

I am also a chair person to and I love them! I've always said you can't have enough chairs! HA

Karena said...

Kerry I adore unique chairs! Your last two are amazing!!

Interesting though that I am also drawn to the contemporary pieces!

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My Crafty Home Life said...

I just saw two barcelona chairs on CL for $750 (pair). They need new cushions...do you think that is a good price? I wasn't sure.