Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A food for thought

This light and bright New York apartment boasts a large gallery wall displaying the owners art collection.
Would you hang art floor to ceiling in this fashion?
Personally, I would love it but my husband might not be able to handle it. He is a "rule follower" when it comes to decor. My Brno chairs next to Sheraton sofa bug him and and a staircase gallery wall annoys him because, "the railing on the stair blocks the pictures when you are sitting down". He hates furniture in front of windows or fireplaces.
I say those things are inevitable if you want a functioning house and really just serve to add to the layers.
Just a little food for thought while I work on another post.
What do you think?

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

I think it depends on WHOSE rules you are following. There are the conventional rules, the stylish rules -etc.
I have a gallery wall and love it -it's the only way to display my collection really and it adds so much depth to each piece to have them juxtiposed like that. I left the other walls blank to counterbalance and not feel cluttered -that is my 'rule'.