Thursday, March 8, 2012



Yesterday my "busy" day turned into a day of sneezing my head off and getting little accomplished. My allergies to pollen caused embarrassingly violent sneezing fits in public. Thanks Pollen, you're areal pal.
I did get to thinking about the color of the haze different pollens can leave on things outdoors. Only a design junkie thinks like that. Read on as I turn lemons into a blog post, tee hee.
First, the acid green ...

It really isn't a color I enjoy and like actual pollen it gives me a rather unwell feeling.
I won't go into the other connotations it holds for me, suffice it to say, its gross.
There is also that pollen haze left on one's car at certain times of year that brings to mind a color I am happy to see elsewhere, citron.

It is not quite the bright yellow of a lemon but a redder, earthier color.

Robert Allen Vintage Blossoms
The Robert Allen Dwell Studio fabric I used in curtains for my TV room calls this colorway Citron. It has a mustardy look.

Bella Porte in front

As you can see it is a bit darker than the Bella Porte by RA in the same colorway. Damn dye lots!
OK, back to pollen.

This not quite yellow yellow is a perfect mate for the ubiquitous gray.

My TV room
I like the sort of mod combination of the two colors and don't imagine that I will tire of it soon.
I hope today, I spend less time on that sofa you see clutching a box of Puffs with lotion and more time in the forecast 73 degree sunshine mocking that pollen!
The perpetual wind in these parts makes a Benadryl induced coma more likely.


Emma said...

I LOVE your curtains! That Robert Allen fabric is great, so easy to pair with other patterns. I like your choice of accent pillows. Where are you going to incorporate the ikat?

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

Thanks Emma. I actually don't have the ikat but I was thinking of adding some on a pouf that I have.

Kris said...

I hate that yucky yellow pollen color that sticks to everything in the spring. It is horrible! It won't be long before I start seeing it everywhere.

My Crafty Home-Life said...

That sofa looks so goes on forever.Take a nap on it! My daughter has a tough time now, too.