Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday finds

5" X 7"

After an evening with teenager "drama" and a cranky toddler, I think, "Etsy take me away...".
Actually, my evenings are pretty smooth but I still enjoy a little wishlisting in my quiet moments.
In yesterday's post I showed you my $7 tortoise shell tray. If you like you can get a set of six in the original box for $16 HERE

10" x 7"
All of these trays were intended for snacking and if you are looking for a chic snack tray (that might be an oxymoron) the larger version is HERE

I got a little tortoise shell crazy. Some items are antique, courtesy of Mr. Turtle and also very expensive. Most is vintage faux shell, like this mirror for $15 HERE
If you search "tortoise shell"  you will end up with a lot of sunglasses too.

This fetching little box is $10 HERE and as of 6am EST the seller had a lovely rond one too.

 I love this elegant comb and case. It has an elegant price tag too. $48 HERE

This brooch really tempted me. HERE

This vase had me intrigued HERE
 I found this set of tumblers and couldn't get them out of my mind, They will make a very chic set of vases on MY table.
Sorry, I just bought them.

Does online fantasy or real shopping "take you away"?


Cathy Wall said...

Jealous! The tumblers are my favorite, can't wait to see how you use them! And I can so relate to "teenager drama," the 3 teens in this house provide and endless stream of it!

Karena said...

Oh yes a bit envious here!! I love the comb and case as well as the mirror.

Art by Karena

Kris said...

I love shopping on Etsy fantasy or real, either one. I have a tortoise large toothed comb that is real that I have had for gosh I don't know how long. I love it.

There are so many wonderful stores to explore on Etsy and it's not hard to find yourself making a purchase of something.

Hope the drama with "teenager" and the "cranky toddler" is better for you today! I remember very well experiencing both! LOL

Julie of Monkey Grass Hill said...

I spend A LOT of time online fantasy shopping. I like to put things in my cart and then come back and look at them. A good friend of mine and I like to laugh about how we pretend shop to get the thrill. :)

Renée Finberg said...

they are all great finds.
but the hand mirror is fabulous!!!