Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It was supposed to look like this


When I was a teenager and just beginning to love design, I imagined my grown-up life would look like this. It doesn't and never has. I am not even sure that it feels right for me as a place to live, although I bet I could get used to it.

It is a pretty awesome space and the exposed brick is romantic in an urban kind of way.

I am not sure I like the bedroom cum garage-reno.

What was your grown-up house supposed to look like? Do you live there?


Kim said...

Funny, you are making me think back ... I think I also "lived" in a loftish apartment in the city. But then I love the country ... and that is where I am now. I would still do a City Life! xo

Vel Criste said...

This is a beautiful apartment Kerry - I guess for me, luckily, living grown-up is exactly where I am now, toys scattered on the floor, kitchen all messed-up from cooking, basically, perfectly imperfect! have a nice day!

Raina Cox said...

I had the same dream - urban loft with exposed brick walls! I suppose for a suburban kid like me living in the midwest, this was glamour with a "u."

I lived many places but never in a loft. I mentioned retiring to downtown city space, and my husband couldn't wrap his head around not being able to walk out into your own yard.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Very, very cool!! I could live there :) What I love most is the exposed brick. And all that natural light is pretty awesome!!
Happy May Day :)

home before dark said...

I wanted a post and beam barn. My 6'5" husband grew up in cozy rooms of old houses and hated the idea of open space. Now, almost 38 years later, we have a compromise the back end of our house (about 53' long) will be one big dining room, library, kitchen, pantry, morning room with big windows looking out to the garden. I call it our retirement apartment!

Nancy said...

That was kind of my dream look as well! I had a neighbor with a FLWright-ish brick contemporary home that I coveted all my life, and still do. I love brick walls and leather.
xo Nancy