Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Best pillows on the cheap

What is wrong with me? I covet pillows incessantly! You too?
Here are a few lovelies that wont break the bank.

This bolster is 17 smackers at World Market. Not terribly exciting but a good foundation other than square.

Chinoiserie and pink!!!? This pillow cover can, at $28, cover some unfortunate choice from 2008.
Well , only if that choice was in pillow form.
I am nuts for this "Mudhut" pillow from Target. It is not overtly trendy and for $25 its an easy pick.

Urban Outfitters simply had me at pillows
there were a few that rang my bell.

As I was browsing, I surely said, "Shut--UP!" several times.
This one above is probably on the grad gift list for my son because it is called the "Magical Thinking Marbled Pillow" and he most likely will be doing some magical thinking that I don't want to know about in college.

This is Urban Outfitter's other magical thinking pillow
It looks less magical to me.

Are you obsessed with pillows or am I alone in this?


Kim said...

Pillows have such POWER! I love what Linda did in her living room with pillows ... what a transformation they provide ... and without breaking the bank!! xo

Cathy Wall said...

Those urban numbers just rock it! What will your son say if he receives that marbled one as a gift???!!! Maybe I should get my grad one too...especially if it helps with thinking, he'll need all the help he can get next year!

Karen Albert said...

Oh yes Kerry. I am and I think it is because how else can you change out the look of a room so quickly and inexpensively than with pillows!

Love your picks! Especially magic #1

Art by Karena

PURA VIDA said...

love the reds! I'm thinking PATIO!

jackie jade said...

great picks! i love the idea of pillows with removeable cases, especially since my dogs tend to claim all the pillows and lay all over them. it's nice to be able to wash them!
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com

Vel Criste said...

Thanks a lot Kerry for feeding into my addiction! Love the bolster the most.

Nancy said...

Ihave a pillow addiction, too. It's like hair, never happy with what you've got. BUT, at least you can invest just a little to change them often! Love that.
xo Nancy

Raina Cox said...

I love that Urban has new home inventory every day. Some of it makes me laugh my head off.

Wait, you have a son old enough to be graduating high school? Dang girl, what's your secret?

The Pink Pagoda said...

I love these! You are so funny Kerry -- I love your comment about the "magical thinking."