Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend bits and questions

I know, bad lighting but I paint at night.
 This one was nearly ruined by a touchy, feely teenaged boy visiting my daughter. By the time he left, my jaw hurt from clenching it and I was madly brushing black paint on my brightly colored abstract.

It was an awful mess, but really was a blessing in disguise... the paint, not the boy. I had been struggling with the painting and adding the white to not only cover the black but define my composition, really worked for me.

This retro departure from my usual is up and about. The title is "Schrödinger's Cat" after the paradoxical thought experiment on quantum theory by Erwin Schrödinger. It may surprise some of you but I am a bit of a geek and the Gary Zukav book Dancing Wu Li Masters rocked my world.
 Also in other randomness...
If you are a Twitter person, I have finally joined the Twitterverse. I feel old and out of touch. I have been stumbling through the whole Twitter thing like an old lady. So, follow me @Kerrysteeleart  and  I won't feel so stupid if you do.
An odd question. What do people in your family and guests do with throw pillows and decorative bed pillows? I am curious because even the most polite people I know seem to find it OK to toss them on the floor. I can't tell you how this horrifies me. I know I am uptight.. sorta but the FLOOR?!
Tell me
Do you hate the painting, my daughter's new friend, pillows on the floor, or is it all just fine to you?


StagerLinda said...

Love painting! The white kind of adds cohension. Yep, everyone I know throws decorative bed pillows on the floor unless there is a trunk or bench at the foot of the bed.

My Crafty Home Life said...

I don't think you have ever painted something that I hate. I like the painting. I have never given the pillow thing a thought.....but now that I think about it..yes, floor. I'm going to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

I am a terrible person when it comes to judging artwork and what is has eye appeal and what doesn't. I struggle to select pictures for my own home. HAHA

As far as tossing pillows on the floor, when visiting, I lay them on a chair or dresser if one is available. If not, I stack them on the floor. :) Most teenagers will undoubtedly throw them on the floor. HAH

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