Saturday, August 4, 2012

This is a post in which I wish for all of my kind and savvy readers to agree with me.
First, let me explain. 
My 15 year old, and alarmingly fickle, daughter comes to me every so often with a new plan to decorate her room. A mere one and a half years ago she was given a choice about the color we would paint her walls. She opted for white. "Really?" I asked several times. "Are you sure?!"
So the latest and greatest idea to to turn her bedroom in to a bordello is cheetah curtains.

I did not waste second saying no. I later had the idea that I would let her choose a bargain fabric on and have something at least colorful to help out the room.

She has this bed and bedding but not in this room. There is other dark antique furniture... sigh... against white walls. I should have taken charge while I could.
So I found's under $7 a yard page, and let me tell you, I don't even want to spend that much. I am so glad I took the time to look first because it was animal printapalooza! 
She changes her mind every few weeks and I go into her room and stuff is rearranged and the pricey pillow is on a shelf in her closet. Arrgh!

I know animal print is super trendy, but curtains?

Please confirm that this is a ghastly idea.


Kris said...


I've never seen animal print curtains on windows...on everything else but not on windows. I had two children, a boy and a girl both of whom had no interest in room decor (I had to use whip and chain to get them to pick-up their clothes LOL). Son's room was so bad that after constantly trying to get him to pick up his room, I finally closed his door, told him to keep it closed and made him clean it up along with his laundry on Saturday.

I don't know what to tell you about the curtains...I wouldn't want to see them on windows in my house but then again who am I to talk! HA :) said...

I know what you're dealing with -- my 7 year son has started down this same path. To many trips with me to flea markets and fabric stores (yikes!). In fact, he just picked out a blue leopard for me to make a shower curtain. Luckily I talked him out of that.

Mary McDonald did a leopard curtain on leopard wall paper in her own house. It was over the top, but she got away with it. There is a fine line with doing leopard, but I think if you can find the right balance then it is great. Any chance you could convince her just to do a quick and easy leopard pillow or chair or stool?

The Pink Pagoda said...

I'm with you, Kerry! Too too much!

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

I agree, too much. But you are a good mom to entertain the idea. Maddie is 4 and has been in her room for a mere 4 months since our remodel and she is already giving me ideas for re-decorating.....who knew mom should have made it look like a princess wonderland.....actually...I did know....and I forgot. But four is still young enough for mom to make the decisions!