Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday morning treasures

On Friday night my family went out to dinner and on the way home we passed a tent that was being set up for an estate auction. Had I not seen through the "windows" of the tent I would have missed out on some real goodies. The house was small, old, along a main road and not in great condition. I never would have pegged the owner as a collector of fine antiques.

I came away with a few things that I liked and had a spot for but some of the really glorious pieces went for more than I was prepared to spend.

This vintage Hepplewhite style lowboy was what I wanted most and luckily it came up first in my list of wants. It was a good deal but more than I expected to shell out. One of the fun things was that I spotted my neighbor there and we sat together and shared the excitement.

This lowboy is replacing the cheap, rickety table that held the TV in my bedroom.

I was so excited to get this umbrella stand after missing out on two HUGE blue and white vases.

This ginger jar was only $15 at the end of the day. No one else bid on it.
My neighbor got a pair of enormous silver candelabras for $100. There were some seriously gorgeous antiques that we did not get but all in all it was a fun day of shopping.
The moral is: Don't judge a house's possibilities by its exterior.


Nancy said...

What a wonderful Hepplewhite find!!! I lOVE stand your other treasures! How fun was that.
Have a great weekend.
xo Nancy

Kristie Franklin said...

WOW! You struck it rich! Wonderful finds! I agree with you, "Don't judge a book by its cover" HAH Er, I mean a house's possibilities by its exterior. LOL :)

The Pink Pagoda said...

That's a good moral. You never know, do you? I LOVE the lowboy! What a beautiful piece. I'm crazy for Hepplewhite.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love your low boy!