Friday, May 18, 2012

wishlist making

This ginger jar is on my ever growing wishlist.
My need for a new washing machine and the fact that I really don't have the perfect spot for it have relegated it to the list and not on my credit card.

My wishlist often gets shortened by my fickle nature and limited memory. Thank heavens!
I rarely spend much time pining away for particular objects but if something stays on my list long enough and still seems like a juicy get, I purchase it.
Do you have a running wishlist?
What is at the top of your list?

Longer posts coming back soon...promise.


My Crafty Home Life said...

I am always dreaming about something...but like you, it is constantly rotating.

Nancy said...

Oh you know us girls are always in search of something pretty! I have the disease, but the mantra in my head is usually NEED or WANT?
Hope life is getting back to normal!
Xo Nancy

Kris said...

I find if I see something that I really love and I make myself think about it for a day or so I usually lose the sense that I have to have it! But, if I continue to think about it despite telling myself that I really don't need it I usually end up buying it. My m-i-l use to ask me "do you want it or do you need it because wants are different than needs". LOL Smart woman!

Simply Grand said...

I have no current wishlist and since I hate shopping, I'm unlikely to stumble across something that I think I "need" when, really, I only want it.

The last two things on the list (and, here, we're going back six or seven years) were an Empire sofa & a Regency-style silver teakettle-on-stand, and once I found those two pieces, I was done. Of course, the real thing that keeps impulse purchases to a minimum is the size of my apartment. It's so small that if I buy anything, something else has to go to make room for it, and since I'm not willing to get rid of anything, it becomes a standoff. In yin/yang terms, my place is in perfect balance.