Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For sale

I think I have made a decision that will make everyone else in my family rather happy.
If I get someone local that is willing to pay me what I spent on these vintage Brno chairs...they go.

My husband hates them.

He doesn't like them mixed in with my antiques and is his defense, I still haven't gotten the balance of fussy and sleek. I was thinking the Lucite table would do it.

I bought them last year through OKL in the blogger's Tastemaker tag sale. They are in good vintage condition. They weren't cheap and I love the look but I think it is just not working for us.

If you are in the greater DC area or Richmond and are interested, leave me a comment and we'll deal.


Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

They are good looking chairs. If I know of someone, will have them contact you directly. Good luck! Loi

Anonymous said...

Good luck! It seems people just aren't buying anything these days. If you aren't willing to "give it away" for practically nothing, you just can't sell much of anything.

The chairs look like they are in very good condition and hopefully you'll find a buyer.

Anonymous said...

Oh if you were closer, they would be mine!