Monday, May 14, 2012

Two looks that aren't going anywhere soon.

I figured that you all are sick of looking at my "sick" post. haha, and it it would be best if I got on with a design post to kick start the week.
A few months ago, I  got my hate on and wrote about trends that I am tired of seeing so I thought I would use today to talk about ones I like and foresee sticking around.

 If you guess from this image that I am talking about the Swedish/Belgian look, you would be wrong.
I think an understated palette, that relies on texture and form, is a classic that we have seen many iterations of and the Belgian/French/ Swedish happens to be it's trendy child.

 Whether completely traditional in style, or not, the quieter colors and simple, elegant lines are a look that has been seen and refreshed many times.

 I think many people desire spaces that are visually interesting and "quiet" at the same time. That is why I am predicting the "understated" look in all its trad and funky practices alike is here to stay.

Which brings me to the other look that I really think has traction and I am certainly not sick of seeing it.
I call it "the mix" but it is actually the very unoriginal idea, of being original in one's decor choices. Its very trendy but I think to pull it off one has to be authentic and sincere when incorporating disparate styles in one room.

Lately, these mixes include unabashedly feminine touches and colors with metallics and mid-century iconic pieces.

Being authentic and sincere in those choices means, to me, having some sort of connection with a particularly unusual item, the color scheme, or whatever the "off" aspect happens to be.
I think the eclectic mix that has been so popular lately is here to stay also.

Neither are profound predictions just trends that I think are very enduring.
What do you think is here for awhile?


Laurie said...

Kerry - love this post. They are both definitely great looks and I too think they will be around for a long time.

Nancy said...

Wonderful post and pictures Kerry! I love both of these looks as well, and you described them perfectly. Welcome back! We missed you and hope you're feeling better!
Xo Nancy

Cathy Wall said...

Kerry, I think you nailed it! Your analysis of these two trends and what makes them work is dead on. I think both allow room for individuality which is why they are here to stay.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I agree, the mix will always work, and your comment about keeping it genuine to your own tastes is so true! I'm also hoping layers of color and pattern will stick around - it just makes you feel good! Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I still favor the Swedish/Belgium/French design style and don't think it will be going anywhere. I like it with added touches of personal things that hold meaning. I also like to see pops of color in the way of flowers, and cozy throws. It is warm and inviting to me, not pretentious and most importantly livable. I guess I am getting old and past the point of having a room full of furniture and loads of accessories that need to be dusted. HA

The other images are quite nice in their own right but just not for me.

Great post!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hi Kerry - Very interesting! Love your selection of images.

While I love, collect and sell Swedish antiques, I appreciate and borrow from many different design styles: from homespun country to Scandinavian contemporary.

IMO, I think too much of one look can be dated and severe. That's why I always combine a certain amount of unexpected dark wood pieces to my Swedish interiors. And, introduce pops of color via pillows or accessories to liven up the grays and whites. So, it's still understated and neutral, but warm and eclectic.


My Crafty Home Life said...

I am not organized enough to have anything other than an eclectic look.

The Pink Pagoda said...

So interesting. I think you're right about how to achieve the look. I've decided I can have a more eclectic look in my house, but if I add mid-century, I have to be careful. It will work if it's not too edgy. My house is so Colonial Revival. I really think some things would just look out of place in it. Which is limiting!