Monday, August 3, 2015

Anyone else sick of midcentury modern furniture?

 Damn, I want to ditch everything in my TV/family room. At first I loved the groovy look of so many midcentury pieces and a few Chinoiserie pieces along with some funky details.

 First of all, I hate my citrine curtains and they were mega expensive.
The problem is that I don't dislike individual pieces. My pricey vintage Brno chairs, and the Saarinen table are dearly loved as well as the console but if they go away I won't cry.
Below is the curved console that holds our TV.

The problem is that in my next house ( which BTW is going to take longer than I thought) I want a more traditional, cozy feel but light and airy too.
I am imagining something like this Brooke Wagner Design.

I like the light sofas and blue and white pillows. I might add my Saarinen table and a glass coffee table but I think my taste has changed.
Am I nuts? Do your tastes vary?
I'll gladly sell every piece. Any takers???


Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

I think it's totally normal for tastes to change and evolve. Your inspiration photo is very pretty -- but so different from what you currently have. I associate you with more color than that living room design.
But then again, your neutral paintings that you've been working on would go beautifully with that type of design.
Do you think your art influences your decor style or the other way around?

Raina Cox said...

I'm completely ready to toss all of my MCM and my contemporary pieces. Our next house, whenever and wherever that may be, will definitely be traditional. It seems so radical now, a pushback against all of the geometry.

home before dark said...

I have never liked midcentury modern. I think because my mother tossed out antiques and welcomed this style because it was "new". Too me, it always lacked patina and charm. It seemed too insistent somehow that made it look too self conscious. And then there's the fact I was born in late 1949 so that mid century modern applies to me!

Yes, I do think our styles evolve over time. I still like a mix of things. The mix just keeps changing a bit. I like inherited pieces and modern art. I like pieces that tell a story—either their own or mine.

Vel Criste said...

We all definitely change our tastes, but I think your mid century pieces can still work on some other parts of the house, e.g. a guest bedroom perhaps?! You'll never know Kerry when your taste changes BACK to where they were and you'd be sorry again to give away these pieces. :-)

mamamia said...

25 years ago we owned a mid-century modern home. I was having tea with a neighbor who lived in a charming old house that was filled with beautiful antiques. As we discussed the very different styles of our respective houses she told me that her husband had been an architect and had designed them a contemporary house. They lived there for a few years before they realized they wanted a traditional home. "It's all about the warmth of age" she told me. Within two years we had purchased a beautiful old house and never looked back.

Barb said...

In the last 33 years I have lived in 9 different homes and 5 different states. Each home had a different feeling some due to the local architecture, the outdoor settings and also the time in our lives, ages of our children, etc. It is completely understandable with a new home you want a new look and feeling. We have bought and sold tons of pieces over the years, I have some serious regrets over some of the things we have sold. So keep those few pieces you really love, store them if you think someday you might "need" them again! Tastes and times change, but classics are always that, classics! What fun it is to plan a new home. Congratulations. I am sure it will be lovely.

Ellen Thompson said...

I can't disagree with any of your commenters. I will say this: I think that last photo of the neutral room is a total snooze. Your art reflects so much movement and color, and I wonder if this phase is perhaps a "palate cleanser"?

Nancy Powell said...

I think your pieces are iconic and great and I wouldn't part with them! An all white neutral room is even more trendy than your special MCM pieces and in time you will tire of that, too. I feel you need some warmth of wood tones and lines in the room pictured to ground it and keep it from being too much the same all over. I favor a mix of old and new, neutral with color, serene and cozy all at the same time! I love neutral window panels layered with shades or undertreatments, or a classic linen roman with a little detail. That's my 2 cents for what its worth!
I need an update on your moving situation! Hope youre enjoying the summer! xo Nancy