Friday, July 24, 2015

Bold walls

I am helping a neighbor with their master bedroom decor and the walls are this completely saturated turquoise. The color is heading towards navy but has tons of green to it. 
They have hardwood floors and white plantation shutters also.

I am going to suggest a richly colored rug and white curtains with a trim on the leading edge.


I have even started a Pinterest board for them to help visualize my suggestions.

How would you work with this wall color?


Karena Albert said...

Kerry I like the white accents and a great painting is a must!!

The Arts by Karena
Ceramic Artist Leah Bowring

Kim said...

I love the bold walls and agree whole heartedly with Karena ... a FABULOUS Kerry Steele piece of art. Did I say a HUGE piece?? Well, I meant to!

LPC said...

I think of the colors you have shown here as a marine blue? Not turquoise? But what do I know:). And I've seen this blue used with unstained wood, and pressed tin, here in California.

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

What a neat color. Love your suggestions. That dining room photo you show is gorgeous. Love the white with the blue and the neutral rug. I think the crown moulding also helps "lighten" the room.

Heather Hillier said...

I really like the curtain rod. Would you kindly provide the source? Thx so very much.

Raina Cox said...

All of your suggestions are spot on!