Thursday, August 20, 2015

Office space

Here's a little confession: My laptop is always on the kitchen table and it is often accompanied by papers and current clutter. 

I actually only used this desk as a desk when it was in the would-be library that is now my studio which you can glimpse in the upper right of my photo. Now I write checks here and quick notes but it is not super functional. I need to fix this because my house is not exactly presentable most days.

Functional but not my style

 I perused Pinterest for some office ideas because the current cluttered situation does not make me happy. It appears that office spaces are either beautiful or functional for the most part.
I could not deal with either of the photos above or just below.

I actually really love this workspace with the built in cabinetry but it's not happening in this house.

Yes, please!
 My plan (that I came up with while writing this) is to repurpose my college-bound daughter's room. Remember the one I gave a facelift in the One Room Challenge?

It looks completely different from this now. My dear daughter has a propensity for pushing all furniture to the walls. *Sigh* Space planning is not her thing. and that little loveseat is buried in clothes.

The desk, now littered with cosmetics, can stay and the bed will be styled as the daybed that it is. I am going to remove the loveseat. I plan to add my littlest girl's easel and play tent so that creative play can happen while I stare at Facebook work. During college breaks I can move the operation back to the kitchen table.
I am excited about this.

Tell me about your workspace.


Nancy said...

Hey Kerry,

perfect timing on this posting. we are in the midst of a few construction projects that have been on my list for like evah and one of them is an office space for moi. :) very excited...turning our bar area (its a pass through from our family room to my husbands office) into a desk area kind of like the one above titled "yes please". they're building the desk in their shop and supposed to install it at the end of next week. planning to have hanging file drawers on one side and a cabinet with pullouts for our printer etc on the other side. we already installed a corkboard area on the wall above but now I've just got to make it pretty :) thinking fabric over the cork and maybe a nailhead design...a girl's gotta dream big you know. cant wait to see how you change up your daughters room. :)

Dianne said...

My office was once a laundry room. I had the washer and dryer moved into a closet in the kitchen and now have a wonderful office that I can close the door and leave. Best move ever!!! I am an empty nester so the laundry is not constant anymore anyway. :) I find we do have to repurpose our spaces as our lives change.

Raina Cox said...

My rear end planted on one end of my Faux-go (fake Togo) and papers scattered all around me. Never mind that the sofa sits adjacent to perfectly functional desk.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

I'd love to have a work ROOM. I just recently put a desk in our living room. It beats cluttering up the dining table, but i still long for more storage and privacy (lets be real, with 2 toddlers, there's no such thing as privacy)

LPC said...

I've posted mine on the blog, but, I've been planning to paint my bookcase for ages now and only just tried the first paint sample. Too purple. Back to the paint store. It'll probably be another 2 months before I actually finish;). Here's the link to my post, but, feel free to kick it off if that's against your policies, I would totally understand.

Derrick George said...

It's funny that you mentioned Pinterest because my friend recently told me about it. I'd heard the name in passing but had no clue what it was. Now keep in mind that this is a manly, drink beer and watch football kind of guy. He starts the conversation with "Bro, have you ever heard of Pinterest? They have all kinds of cool stuff on there. Mary gets cooking and design ideas from it and they're really good!" LOL.

Derrick George @ ZZONE 31