Monday, August 24, 2015

Project tidy

After last week's post about plans for my college-bound daughter's room, I got to thinking about the level of tidiness on any given day in my house. I give it a C or D grade but my standards are high.I love to keep things clean, as in hygienic and polished but just try to get me to put the last five things I used away. Maybe next week.
My house does not look like these photos at this moment. There are Legos and random toys littering the family room, There are paintings galore leaning in my formal living room and dining room. A pile of shoes just inside the door from the garage...I could go on but you get the idea...lived in, really lived in.
I read half of Marie Kondo's "The life-changing magic of tidying up."
Well, it was half magic because I purged and organized my clothes and and we went through every book in the house, ditching about 50% but the struggle continues.

 I jokingly tell people that I am a recovering slob. I was a sloppy child and young adult but I find truly bothersome now to not live in a tidy space.

Right now the only room that seems fine to me is my son's room but that is because he is at college and no one is there to mess it up.

At the end of this week *sniff* there will be two adults and one child sharing almost 4000 square feet of space. For the love of Pete, we should be able to figure this out!
So that, along with the zhushing and repurposing of the college-bound daughter's room are projects I hope to share here. I would like to include storage solutions that are working for us and maybe (just maybe because I think its TMI) before pictures. 
In the mean time, I think I have laundry that should be put away and a pile of magazines to pitch.
Got any nifty tricks for me?


Raina Cox said...

I try to adhere to the "one in, one out" rule of acquiring, but my purges seem to go in bursts when something isn't going quite right in my life. An attempt an reestablishing control I suppose.

I've told myself this week I'll be Kondo-ing Nola's wardrobe, as she's shot up three inches this summer. A few of her skirts are now indecent.

home before dark said...

I am still in the hell of a mess stage in my whole house remodel. The kitchen is now completed and I work everyday to keep it organized. I hate that clean as you mantra, but I've learned to embrace it. I also make sure that when I am going up and down stairs I never make an empty trip. I also have gotten radical about putting magazines in the recycle bin and not allowing them to become little mountains the way I had done since high school. I also think it helps to make the bed everyday. Just the sight of that being done makes it easier to do more. Good luck

Karena Albert said...

Kerry all is seem to do is tidy up, put away, toss away, give away!
I love my surrounding to be clean and sleek even with all of my books, collections of blue and white and Eiffel Towers!!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Alex Katz

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

I can't seem to get control of the amount of "stuff" in our house - it's allll over allll the time. Our dining table has several preschool art projects going on, we also have Legos strewn about, and why can't I seem to control my desk??!
I watch those Tiny House shows to inspire me to get rid of things. And Hoarders. Definitely don't want to end up on that show. :)
If you discover any super tricks - please share!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I have had a pile of clean laundry in a pile for so long that I had to find a new spot for my pile of dirty laundry. I can relate. :)

LPC said...

I just sort of walk rapidly through the house every day clearing surfaces. But I think the real trick is that with 2 people in a 2200 square foot house I can't hide much away and forget about it;). It either has a place, gets thrown out, or I have to SEE it all the time, which drives me nuts.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Looking very pretty! No mess there! Speaking of which, I have a huge pile of magazines to recycle and lots of old fabric memos (tiny pieces) to toss out. And a friend just told me to read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

silvioafonso said...

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