Friday, March 6, 2015

When the cork hits the fan-or our trip to Charleston

The crap view on 17 in Mount Pleasant last weekend...
OK so the weekend was not total crap and I will explain the cork and fan part in a bit.

Charleston was nice although the weather took a serious bite out of our plans. I have no gorgeous photos of Rainbow row or the beach outside of our Isle of Palms hotel.
 The photo above is the best photo I have of downtown Charleston and its clearly through a rainy windshield. We only ended up in the historic district at night and it rained the whole time!
The first night I visited Redux studios while the family shopped. I felt wrong taking photos but I did go into the studios of Teil Duncan, Kate Long Stevenson, Raven Roxanne, Alex Waggoner and more. It was delightful!
Next we met up with a childhood friend who lives in the area at Rarebit. I have nothing nice to say about the food but I ordered a champagne cocktail that so lip-smackingly delicious that I had to try to make it at home. Receipe to follow.
 I should mention that our trip was a scouting trip to be sure we want to make a new home there. We do.

On Sunday we drove around West Ashley that is just across the Ashley river from the peninsula. I had read good things about Ms. Rose's and we stopped in for brunch. I ordered fried chicken that was seriously mediocre but my husband's shrimp and grits was so spectacular that we will go back.

If  you are in the area, I also highly recommend Coleman's Public Hose in Mount Pleasant. Don't let the non-descript exterior fool you. It was exceptional.

Now back to the cork.

I knew that delicious champagne cocktail had elderflower liqueur in it so I grabbed a bottle as soon as we returned and bottle of inexpensive sparkling wine. The bottle had a strange safety cork. Being unfamiliar with it my husband popped it like any other cork and it released with such violence that it hit a 10 ft. high ceiling fan blade and splattered a bit of the on the fan making a "tink"sound and shaking the fixture. Had it not hit the fan I am quite sure it would have hit the 18 foot ceiling. We laughed.

Here is the recipe should you wish to partake.
I used a vintage  8 oz. pilsner glass instead of a champagne flute.
1 oz. St. Germain liqueur
3 oz. Champagne or dry sparkling wine
3 oz. lemon lime soda
Twist of lemon zest (do not skip this)
Enjoy but watch out for the cork!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I'm dying to visit Charleston -maybe over Thanksgiving -sorry you had a rainy trip. It must be seriously amazing if you decide to move there despite the weather, etc!

Elizabeth Day said...

Charleston is one of my favorite destinations. We love the architecture. Sorry you had such poor weather, but so glad you have found a future home.

Karena Albert said...

Kerry I have always wanted to visit Charleston, and on another day I am sure the weather would have been perfect! So excited it is you choice for your new home. Definitely will try the champagne cocktail!!

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Kim said...

I know it was rainy while you were there ... but boy is it still one of my favorite places in the world!! Cheers to a good Champagne Cocktail!!