Friday, March 13, 2015

R.I.P. Mr. Graves

Like his designs or not, Michael Graves was an architect that changed design. He died of natural cause at his home in Princeton, NJ yesterday.

My first encounters with this post modern hero of mine was when I was still in high school with visions of becoming a famous postmodern architect. The "Memphis" style as it was known in the '80s, took the spare lines of the standard mid-century design ideals and added whimsical sometimes silly decoration.

His furniture design speaks to my 18 year-old self, but I am sorry to say that it leaves my, ahem, mature self a little uninspired. I do, however, fondly remember the excitement over his designs in my youth. He made things that made me say, "Yes, just like that! I want to make that!"
I did love my original Alessi teapot (pictured above) I bought it in 1986 for $110 and that, my friends, was a crap load of cash for a young thing like me to fork out for something I would not let anyone use. I sold it and now have regrets.
Farewell Mr. Graves.


Karena Albert said...

Kerry I think his artful designs are just brilliant. A most creative mind! May he rest in a beautiful place!

The Arts by Karena

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Yes, while i work in a different vein, he was really one of the leading inspirations for me becoming an architect!

Kim said...

I just heard this over the weekend ... I love the innovation!