Friday, February 20, 2015

Favorite scenes from my house

Right now I feel like we are living in near squalor. Maybe not squalor just disarray. There are paintings everywhere as I prepare for a show (details to come) and painter's tape on a portion of an upstairs hall. All of the artwork is crammed in my son's bedroom while we paint...which we haven't started yet. Good thing he won't be home for Spring break! In addition to all of our projects, school has been cancelled for the past five days. Let that sink in for a minute. Five...days!
 I thought I would remind myself that it is not always like this by looking at some of the nicer vignettes from my house. I'll share them with you too in no particular order.

Family room

My bedroom

Living room

Son's room

Son's room

Bar in dining room

Daughter's room

Daughter's room

Front door

Doors to my studio
My studio doors and almost all of the doors in our house are now painted black so there has been some progress toward selling this place.
Of course, I could tidy up (for gillionth time) but looking at pretty pictures is so much more fun, don't you think?


Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

So many great details Kerry! I love the space outside your studio - the table w/ the FABULOUS mirror and the paintings. So pretty!
You have so many awesome pieces in your home, and it all comes together so nicely!
We're also stuck home again for day 5. Packing up and headed to the boys' first visit to the National Gallery. I gotta get out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!

LPC said...

The photo of your bedroom speaks to me! Love the wall color, and that chair, in contrast to the smooth wood and metal photo frames.

Karena Albert said...

Kerry the rooms in your home are beautifully styled. There are so many interesting and artful objects (love the large pair of Staffordshire dogs by your front door). Yes there is more snow coming in this weekend....getting really old!

The Arts by Karena

Yelda said...

I love all the fab details and your eclectic decor style! It keeps it interesting and my eyes can't stop staring. Thanks for sharing! I recently launched my interior decor blog, would be thrilled if you stopped by. Nice to connect with you, and can't wait to see more posts.