Friday, February 6, 2015

New artwork

Fat mini #2 HERE

I have been spending a ton of time in my studio lately...way more than usual. I thought I'd show off some of my latest pieces. 
I'll start with abstracts and these "fat minis" so called because the thick, impasto oil paint makes these 6 x 6 pieces of paper heavy for their size.

Fat mini #1 HERE
 I had a huge backlog of half finished canvases in my studio and, frankly, I think it was depressing to see all of those incomplete thoughts that stacked up everywhere so I got seriously busy making them done. Once I started, it was truly fun.

"Out is through" HERE

This abstract was one of them. I had thought it was done. maybe even photographed it and for some long forgotten reason, I started adding white and immediately hated it. It was all the way against the wall turned in shame and I pulled it out, quickly finding where I wanted to go with it.


I had also been wanting to get a few medium sized nudes done and a few unfinished abstracts were the perfect starting point.

email inquiries to

A few framed linen pieces happened too.

They seem so vastly different from my other work but my flower paintings are a great visual and cognitive break from my usual.

Sunday Flowers HERE
 Lots of paper pieces are in my Etsy shop too.

This is just a fraction of the work I have done but I often post it on Instagram as I go.


Teri Hebb said...

Is the second nude available to purchase? I went to your etsy shop and did not see it. Love, love, love!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Teri, I was not able to reply to you through your comment but email me at for more info on that painting.

Karena Albert said...

I love the new pairings with the heavy impasto Kerry, they are all beautiful though!!

The Arts by Karena New Feature

Alex Anderson said...

Totally wicked and awesome art! It's always an electifying thing to see people slab those wads of paint on an actual solid canvas, instead of smearing them as usual bunch of pixels. I guess I really lucked out on stumbling out on your blog. You have certainly positioned it well here to have gathered my undivided attention. Thanks for sharing that, Kerry! Kudos and more power to you!

Alex Anderson @ Business Marketing Toolbox

Windlost said...

Oh all lovely Kerry. Glad you're getting lots of painting done. Fat mini. Love that.

I am always a fan of the florals and your colors in the abstracts are always spot on.

We loved Charleston and Savannah in different ways. If I had to live in one, I'd choose Charleston, felt more fine and gracious but I think Savannah is very curious. You will get to enjoy both and fab location for touring about. Huge population in greater Charleston, something like a million people I think. So there will be lots of lovely neighborhoods to choose from. Hope it goes well!!! Keep us posted??!

We ate at lots of good restaurants in Charleston but I can't think of many names. A very very posh dinner at Circa 1882 in Wentworth mansion, a lovely Italian place on upper King, and also we tried a very weird eclectic asian place called Xia Bao Biscuit, that got great reviews. A little out there. And we also ate at the diner, Hominy Grill, which was great. And another good one I can't recall. Not much help, am I? We looked at trip advisor and ate all some of the top ones.

xo Terri

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Beautiful work! Those Fat Mini's are fun! You're a busy lady!!!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Your work continues to get more and more beautiful. And original! Love, love the fat minis - that first one is utterly divine! xo

Dianne said...

Love the way you say the canvas was turned in shame, LOL Been there!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I love the texture and colors of the first two!