Wednesday, February 11, 2015


No this is not a fashion post but I came by the idea via my teenage daughter and the ultimate fashion insult. The photo above is the "basic" look minus the topknot but including the ubiquitous coffee in hand. Now I think its pulled together, not trashy or sloppy so it gets my OK. When a teenager refers to someone as "basic" it means that they are unimaginative, mostly when it comes to their clothing and hair. It is not a good thing to be called "basic".
I have spent countless hours looking at real estate listings and it appears that everyone is "basic" when it comes to home decor.


Are your eyes bleeding yet?
I think these houses that I am looking at lose a ton of appeal by being "basic". This is not some elitist rant. The photo below shows a very common style sofa with an Ikea hacked coffee table. So why are people so dern unimaginative?

via Apartment Therapy


Karena Albert said...

Kerry I get it that a lot of younger people haven't acquired fine pieces or collections that make a home so special, layered, and "undecorated"

The thing is there are so many vintage and thrift shops to find unique items and collecting great art does not have to be expensive either!

The Arts by Karena

Dianne said...

Why do real estate agents think houses have to be bland to sell? I love seeing interesting rooms. It makes my imagination soar about my own possibilities. I love both high end and low deals. It's all in the mix and not very basic! :)

home before dark said...

I think the internet has been the Vitamix of originality. Everything is processed to within a microfiber of sameness. People have very small comfort zones and the internet through blogs (which I adore) and online shopping have unfortunately made it easy for people to replicate the same look with an unfortunate and often hilarious result. As Oscar Wilde observed: be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Kim said...

This is exactly why we are meant to buy and re-do every house out there!! I just wish I had the budget to make that a reality!!

LPC said...

To me that first house look is downright ugly;). Better to do everything white and commit no sins!

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Ughghghghghghhghhhhhh. And that round chair thing!!!! Double ughghghghghghhgh!

All I can say is that a lot of times, people don't know any better. I fell into that category (okay, not as bad as that room! but still not great). And then my eyes were opened!

Segreto Finishes said...

There are so many resources to explore to avoid being too 'basic' in one's design! Even on a budget. Such a fun post!
Segreto Finishes