Monday, March 25, 2013

Coastal inspired fabric

Last week, I asked for opinions on my new Spoonflower fabric designs and one in particular stood out. Kristy, of Design Chic mentioned her beach house and having a desire for something in a very pale blue to match a paint color. I asked for the paint color and said I would try to match it.
Once I figured out that color and a few others to work with it, I had a "Aha" moment. I had been wanting to do more neutral, calm colors but not just in one pattern. I just really did not have a clear vision of what that would be like so I never did anything about it until the I had the notion that a coastal living inspired set of fabrics woudl be perfect.

Sacred tree in four colorways
The collection is called "Carolina coast". I have six colorways but only four are in this fabric.

Breakers in the three main color ways
Above is a stripe called "Breakers" in three colorways; Seaspray, Offshore, and Dune. There are two different pale blue-green colors that I used along with two pale beiges and an off-white throughout the collection. There are also a teal and turquoise in the brighter combinations and of course black and white.

Carolina star
This all came together much more quickly than I thought it would. Either I am getting better at this or I got very lucky. The frustration factor was almost nil.
I ordered sample swatches so that the fabric could be offered for sale in a few weeks and discovered on Saturday afternoon that I had forgotten one pattern altogether.

surf stripe

The forgotten "surf stripe"
This might have been my favorite of the bunch and I still can't imagine how I forgot to add this. It does allow time for me to enlarge the pattern though, I thought it was a bit small.
My bedroom is in this palette and I really want one of these fabrics incorporated in my house now.
I would like to add some grays and maybe a faded Nantucket red.


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love scattered trees, and it would be perfect for a beach house.

Nancy said...

Ohhh I love that surf stripe. Youre a machine Kerry! Love what youre doing, all of it!
xo Nancy

Nancy said...
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Vel Criste said...

The surf stripe is my favorite too Kerry! The scattered trees look so "Lilly Pullitzer "-y! I would love the trees in a bright green color (although I know green is not one of your faves) :-) Love it all dear

The Pink Pagoda said...

You are amazing with this! I love the Breakers best!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I wish I had a beach house! These are beautiful, Kerry!