Monday, January 28, 2013

Craigslist for dummies

I got a great response to last week's post  "Craigslist fun" where I said mean things about items posted locally. I have more mean things to share. Craigslist for dummies, meaning if you are looking at the Fredericksburg, Virginia Craigslist you are dumb.
Lucky for you, I am dumb.
Here's how flushed away an hour of my life looking for a fantastic brass and glass coffee table.

Hand restored? To what? Its non-original F-ugly color apparently.

Second floor suite 208, I was in that psychiatrist's office. Birds are gone though.
Honestly the chair is not awful but it is not MCM either.

 I have no idea what makes the lister think these are French. Maybe they smell funny.

I was starting to feel guilty about saying so many snarky things and figured I would end on a nice note. I found this metal daybed that looked like it could be romantically styled with linen or toile.

Two things about the listing stopped me in my tracks. Was it too much to ask to tidy up that 20 square feet? I mean really...if you are going to virtually invite the whole world in to your little corner of squalor, at least put on a show of decency.
The second part was that in the text of the listing, they graciously offer the nasty stained box spring and an even nastier mattress that they did not photograph, but they assure buyers that it is totally gross.

OK here it is the really good thing!

$300 bucks HERE and they didn't turn it into a kegeratoror or offer anything weird as a bonus.
Wish I had a spot for it


My Crafty Home Life said...

So funny, and so true. One more thing...put the measurements on your items, people. Sometimes space is limited.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I agree 500%

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Okay, that mattress thing grosses me out. And what about those posts that say "serious inquiries only" and they don't even post a picture of said item? How can you be serious about responding to "blue chair" without seeing a picture. If it wasn't so damned funny it would be irritating!

Kristie Franklin said...

I do love the last photo...I think they did a wonderful job refinishing it. :)

Libby said...

So funny and so true. And people wonder why they are left stuck with an undesirable item.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

I won't comment if you make it too nice ;-) I love your honest and funny critiques. Keep it up pleeeez :) Make this a weekly post!!

The Pink Pagoda said...

I have to admit I kinda like snarky : )

Craigslist drives me crazy. I see all of these amazing items on blogs that people found and I never see anything I want in the Dallas area. AND I have that app Linda recommended. Still a bust.

Vel Criste said...

hahaha! you made me LOL Kerry! this is starting to become a series hmm... Can't wait for the next ones. :-)

PURA VIDA said...

your posts are so made me actually go onto my local lists (Amarillo and Lubbock) to see what fun I could have all by myself.

Want some live chickins?