Thursday, January 17, 2013

Confessions of an Etsy artist

People ask why I paint and what I hope to gain by it. 
I am not big on posting personal stuff here and I am still going to keep the nitty-gritty to myself but this is more personal than my average post.

Let's start with why I paint. I have been reading Seth Grodin books and thinking about marketing lately.
What!!? Market art work? 
Yes. I don't paint all of this to jam my basement full and keep it "pure" or "for art's sake".
That does not mean, however, that I paint for targeted sales. 
I have been told that if, as an artist, you do not create a cohesive body of work people will be confused and no one will take you seriously. So what. I don't always take myself seriously. I am OK with making my own rules and if it works... cool... if
I truly love to share my art. Really!
 I love it when someone thinks enough of it to spend hundreds of dollars to own it. I would be lying if I said that I do not feel validated by that. Also, I sell small works on paper for $15/$25 which is a far cry from my standard per square inch price this year. I just want people that love what I do to be able to have it. There is so much more in it for me than the money, but the money is key to continuing.

I paint for many reasons and lately it is a therapy of sorts. (personal alert!!)

I started painting (again after about 12 years) out of joy and contentment and, in my opinion, experienced happiness 10 fold by sharing it with others here, on Pinterest and Facebook and not to mention the flood of attention from other blogs.
The past few months have been trying, to say the least, and it has taken an enormous and visible toll on my health. I don't want to go into details but frankly, I look like shit and I am pissed off most of the time, but oddly, I can still laugh a lot.
and paint I must or... I don't know...

its fun to paint, 
so I do,
 and I don't think that by selling this work I am selling out.
I have no clue about watercolor technique so I  have simply been playing to see what I get. All of these images are my watercolor stress relievers.
None of these will appear for sale.

Any tips on dealing with stress? I totally wanted to say getting rid of stepkids, LOL!
Sorry about the TMI.


Cathy Wall said...

Not TMI, just a peek and it's all good. Don't you have teenagers in your house? That's my #1 stressor!!!Creative outlets go a long way for me in dealing with my stresses, so does a good workout and a confidant (btw, husbands, no matter how wonderful, make terrible girlfriends). Good for you, painting up a storm, and selling your work, hope that is taking the sting out of your stress!

My Crafty Home Life said...

Let's all share, my kids are killing me. I wish I could paint. My major stress release is gardening, and I feel trapped during the winter months. If I still lived in California, I would have an all gardening blog. I haven't found a great replacement for that. Hot baths and a glass of wine helps. I think you just need to show up everyday and give it your best try.

An Urban Cottage said...

I kind of agree with you about selling work that isn't cohesive with the rest of your work. Art is a journey and there are roads to have to take to get a different destination. If someone connects with a piece that goes down one of those paths, it's still a part of your journey.

A lot of people say watercolor is the most difficult medium but it's what I learned first so it seems normal to me. You do have to plan ahead as to where you leave your whites or light values but if you start out with all transparent colors, it's possible to lift some darker values. You also have to learn which are staining and opaque pigments because that can get into different messes; e.g., you don't want to paint over opaque pigments or you'll make mud. Unless you want mud.

Thanks for sharing.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Kerry, we all need a release! I move furniture. Your work is amazing and beautiful. To be able to have others appreciate and enjoy owning one of your pieces is what it's all about.

Nancy said...

HI friend, lovely post. We all want to see into your soul a bit, and what inspires artists to create. I love to be outside,take long walks, take Zumba classes, shop ( not healthy sometimes!)-- and I used to take yoga for 10 years and need to get back to it, but that was THE SINGLE BEST stress reliever I ever discovered. Plus it really does help you correct alot of your body and mind issues. I hope you can get to a yoga class sometime-have you tried it? Take care and most importantly just keep producing for whatever reasons. Shear volume yields the best results!
xo Nancy

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Be thankful you've found what brings balance and joy to your life. I have 2 teenagers at home and its tough! I'm always happy to see your latest creation, Kerry!

StagerLinda said...

Glad you feel safe enough to share with us. Teenagers are tough. Remember it is like trying to talk to an alcoholic--they don't make sense, sincerely think they know what they are talking about and they won't remember it later. Just let them get it out of their system, smile, then tell them how IT will be done. Paint on, Step Mama!

Sarah K said...

You do have beautiful work and are very talented. I love reading your posts. I am sorry you are going through a rough spot< I know those all to well. Glad you have painting to get away for a bit.

Md Rajon said...