Monday, July 20, 2015

A personal word about my art

Long ago, another artist clearly and obviously used the same title as a painting of mine. The copying of others went far beyond just titles but it still rubbed me wrong because the painting was intensely personal.

This painting, "11 Julys" came from an intensely personal experience, just like the one from several years ago. Some of my work is about the experience of making it and that alone. Some is about my emotions while I am making it and this is one. My original title was Eleven Requiems but I thought it was too sad.

This quote articulates a fraction of what my painting is meant to tell.

Do titles of art intrigue you, bore you or turn you off to a piece???


Raina Cox said...

Untitled pieces of art make me look closer, trying to figure out the artist's intent.

Dianne said...

This painting is fabulous, both the work and the title!

Karena Albert said...

The titles to paintings are so personal and always intrigue me!
The copying of artists materials is such a huge problem.
One of the reasons I stopped doing a lot of giveaways was when I found one of the jewelry giveaways I offered was exactly copied from another artist (quite esteemed) who then contacted me. You cannot imagine how horrible and betrayed I felt for both of us.

The Arts by Karena

home before dark said...

I'm a word girl, so I like titles but I see Raina's point. Sorry that the band of thieves broke into your life and used a part of you as if it were a part of them. In the beginning I thought blog world was a mix of our better selves. Naive and optimistic at almost 60! The best we can hope that in this global community the thieves will be found out and hung in stocks on the virtual town square.

LPC said...

I'm very sorry you had to deal with someone stealing your art titles. All of what you create is from you, feels horrible to have it taken.

I like titles - I like knowing what you were feelings, it makes the painting more accessible to me.

Elizabeth Day said...

I have always been intrigued by the titles of your paintings, sensing that they must come with deep meaning. Personally, I find the naming of my work is harder than the actual painting. So, which comes first, the title or the art?