Friday, April 17, 2015

The sconce saga

As we continue to prepare the house for sale, we face decisions about how to tackle items that should be replaced.
Consider the sconce at the landing on out back staircase. It reminded me of a bra cup and Mr. Designdumonde hated that you could see into it as you descended the stairs.
Down it came for the continuation of SW Repose Gray on the walls. 
Mr. D asked what to do with it. I said throw it away. So he did and I promptly went looking for a replacement.
I found this.

We are trying to keep the budget low while not using obvious ugly, builder-grade fixtures. Oh yeah but nothing too crazy stylish that your average Joe and Jane would not understand. So, vanilla with a cherry but no sprinkles. Sigh.
So Mr. makes the fatal mistake of asking if I could find something for less $$.
Grr. I find this and order it.

Stop laughing. 
It was too big and sucked so it went back. Just get the other one Kerry. Nope it was out of stock by then so the search continued.

I wanted this Arteriors Pruitt sconce.

 Or the Arteriors Voughn sconce but both came in around $400 and since I am leaving that ain't happening.

Yesterday I peeked at Home Depot and found my original choice was back in stock and ordered it. Whew! Please keep your fingers crossed that it does not suck.


My Notting Hill said...

I'm sure it will be great. At least now you have ammunition for your new house as you can always say, "Remember when you had me buy the cheaper one…"

ArchitectDesign™ said...

haha - yes Notting Hill!!!
The sconce from home depot has a lot of style -it's great! $49 is great too - it's a win win :-) You'll get to live with it for awhile at least!

StagerLinda said...

It's perfect for selling! Who wants to invest much when it won't be yours to enjoy?

Raina Cox said...

That's a lot of goodness for $49 smackeroos. Here's hopin' it lights up your life more than Debbie Boone.

Karena Albert said...

A great choice Kerry and it will up the quality tremendously, it is those touches that do make a difference!

The Arts by Karena

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

I like the one you chose!
Isn't it funny getting a house ready for sale ... you make all the changes you've wanted to make for years - but for someone else!
(Your bra cup comment made me lol!)

Charlotte Skinner said...

What a great find! Did it turn out to be as good as it looks in their photo?!