Monday, April 6, 2015

Artist Dorothy Shain

We are on "Spring break" here which means, for me, working from home is extra hard. I think I will devote the blog posts this week entirely to art. So be sure to check back after getting to know the lovely, Dorothy Shain.

I visited Redux studios in Charleston just over a month ago and it was a late Saturday afternoon. Only a few artists were there working. Dorothy Shain stuck out in my mind because of her charming, welcoming demeanor. Did I mention her wonderful artwork?!?
I looked at her website as soon as I got back to my hotel and discovered a Virginia connection. The girl sailed around the world with UVA's sailing program! I emailed her as soon as I was back in Virginia and began to get to know her work a bit.

Photos courtesy of Brooke Kiernan

Get a load of that figure! It is one of the pieces that really moves me.

Photos courtesy of Brooke Kiernan
I asked Dorothy to tell me a bit more.
Here are a few of the things that Dorothy had to say in her own words:
"My current work is extremely explorative. My paintings aim to channel my inner William de Kooning with bright colors, mixed media, and gestural drawings. I often feel like my painting is not finished unless I leave the studio with paint in my hair, ears & on my phone. These works are my fun/ wild works. I get very lost in them, don't focus on detail, and let completely loose. 

My pen & ink drawings are opposite. They are very tightly wound & require a great deal of attention to detail."

"Inspiration: Talking to other creatives around town, collaborating & traveling. Meeting new people really fuels my process and causes my wheels to spin. Current artist/ designer obsession:  - She is fueling my play with paper cut outs. 


On the horizon: A collaboration with Tink + Tiger

     An art show on

     An art + interior designer dinner with & "
I encourage you to look at her website. I think it is a fresh take on an artist's website that is well executed.
Also, visit Redux studios in person, if you can, but certainly the artists that use the studio space warrant a web visit.

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Karena Albert said...

Kerry she sounds like a fascinating woman! Her art and studio are very refreshing and so imaginative. It is listening to her own words about her work that really moves me!

The Arts by Karena

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

She has some beautiful work!
Have a fun spring break!