Thursday, April 23, 2015

Name dropping

Name dropping and a few dreadful pictures of me that we will have to endure.

Raina is wearing heels, I am not

Last week I met up with Raina Cox, the voice behind the blog If the Lamp Shade Fits. We met for for lunch in Old Town Alexandria and I let my daughter play hooky in order to spare Raina's daughter from our bloggy chat. It was so much fun!

I think our girls were best friends in a past life and stand a good chance of being besties if Raina would just move next door.

We enjoyed our day and saw a few really strange things.
Part of our post lunch conversation:
Raina: A shopping cart just drove by.
Me: What?!?
Raina: A shopping cart full of people just drove by. Is that some local thing?
Me: No?

After lunch said ginormous shopping cart had been pulled over and tons of people were snapping photos. Hours later we found it by us in the parking lot.

Fun but weird.

On Friday I hopped in the car and headed for High Point NC.
The opening gala for the Junior League High Point Designer Showhouse was in the evening and I had done a painting for Lisa Mende's kitchen/breakfast room and tons of people I know were going. Sorry for so many craptastic iPhone photos.

Her space was a showstopper. I want the kitchen in my house!

Kim Macumber and David Ecton (of Parker Kennedy Living) posed in the carriage house bedroom that David and Lance Jackson designed.

 Here is where I make excuses. Friday was the worst pollen day and I sneezed more than I have in years. Let me tell you, sneezing at 70 miles an hour is terrifying so I took every allergy med known to man to try and make it stop. Therein lies the reason I look puffy and demented.

Kim Macumber, Kerry Steele, David Ecton, Linda Holt
It was great fun chatting with Nancy Powell and Bethany Brower, two old friends. I met Kim Macumber in person for the first time and her pal Linda Holt.
I chatted with Meredith Heron and giggled with Traci Zeller.
It was fabulous.

I really wish I had taken more pictures. The house was really incredible.


LPC said...

Why hello there! You look adorable.

Karena Albert said...

Kerry, I am not envious very often, only when my blog friends get to meet up with other great blog friends, boo hoo!!

Seriously you look fine, I know what you mean though to feel like that when traveling!

The Arts by Karena

Nancy said...

you're beautiful girl! and that piece you did for Lisa Mende? UNBELIEVABLY OFF THE CHAIN GORGEOUS! wow!

Raina Cox said...

Oh, man, that was the highlight of my trip! You two are the absolute best, and the universe did us a great disservice by not making us next door neighbors.

On my next trip, let's find a waitress with better iPhone camera skills. And I'll wear flats. ;-)

Sue Marrazzo said...

NICE post! Congrats.
Alexandria is a great place...LOVE IT!

home before dark said...

How delicious for everyone. I think Raina is stand up comedian funny. I'm sure much laughter was on the menu.

Nancy Powell said...

It was a great time at HP and so fun hanging with you that evening. I am sorry I missed the lunch with Raina! Your painting for LMende Design was so fabulous and the best at the showhouse! Good luck with the allergies! xo Nancy

Kim said...

Kerry! I was solo happy to finally meet you in person! So fun to see your artwork in Lisa's kitchen! I feel particularly blessed to have Ms. Confidence in my office! I will do photos soon!!

Kim said...

Clearly I am SO happy to have met you ... autocorrect!!

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Looks like such a fun day - I'm so jealous you got to see a Parker Kennedy room in person!

Karena Albert said...

Kerry I just wanted to come over and invite you to enter a glorious giveaway from Tina at my site!

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