Thursday, January 15, 2015

Online house hunting

I have been perusing the MLS to see what I can get for my money when we move. I don't have a specific neighborhood in mind yet, as that requires a personal visit to explore. When we bought our current home, we lived 5 hours away and drove here every other weekend until we found our house (15 times!). The houses we saw online were often a disappointment in person and the neighborhoods we thought looked good were in areas we ended up not wanting to live in so I take anything that looks fabulous with a grain of salt.

I found this amazing house and put a star and OMG next to it on my list. It had everything I wanted.

The beautiful light filled space thrilled me and was on budget. There was no feature that made me think twice in the photos. So far every other house had at least one thing that I would have to settle on. Usually the kitchen or carpet throughout.

 Absolutely nothing was disagreeable and I was trying to figure out if we could scramble and get this one.
Luckily, our move is 6-12 months from now because I had forgotten to narrow my search area and this beauty is about an hour drive from our target. *sigh*
Back to the search.
Have you ever done a house search long distance?


Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Beautiful house! I'm sure there will be others popping up in spring! (Must schedule a coffee before you move!)

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That is a great house. Thankfully time is on your side. You all will find something great I'm sure.

Raina Cox said...

I searched for a house Stateside in a city I'd never even visited while living in New Zealand. The one I was crazy about ended up being the one we bought.

I'd built up an obsession with it over the months of long distance stalking and (very unwisely) didn't take heed of the neighborhood. We lasted four years before we had to bolt.

You'll see all sorts of lovelies start to pop up in another month or so. I have all of my bits crossed for you!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I remember when I moved to DC and doing the search from Pittsburgh years ago. It was so hard! We drove down here about 4 times until we found the house for us (which turned out to NOT be the right place for me and I moved out 11 months later and into downtown). It's such a hard exercise! I think i've learned to start with the area and go from there.

Stacey said...

I didn't even know you were house hunting! I'm sure you'll find something else. Good luck!

Merlyn Corcoran said...

You already know how deceptive photos and descriptions can be so you are forewarned. Three years ago we sold our home in New England and moved West to be near our daughter and her family in SF. After six weeks in a lovely Marriott we gave up trying to find a home we could afford in Marin County and settled for a condo. We continue to look on line (live in hope, die in despair) but every time we come back from a jaunt of househunting we say never again. The Location mantra is so true, you can't tell how close the neighbors are from the listing photos, or the true condition of the property. On line searching is only good for getting a feel for the market, what's selling where and for how much. Then you really are forced to work with a Realtor with local knowledge. Also check crime statistics, and other demographics using all the available search tools. Wishing you luck in your hunt!

Trevor Reed said...

Searching for a house online has its fair share of pros and cons. It can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. So your emotions regarding it is very understandable. That’s how the process goes. That’s also the reason why some people prefer to have an agent, for them to have a much smoother experience, whether it be manual or digital. Anyhow, that is a lovely house. It was just too bad that it didn’t push through. But everything has its proper time. And I’m sure you’ll find your dream house after you narrow down your search area and options. Good luck!

Trevor Reed @ ComField

Winfred Herrington said...

It's true that some photos are really deceiving. Therefore, online house hunting should be followed by personal visit. It may either disappointing or not, but it is the best way to confirm if it is good enough for you or not. It may be a long process, but it’s the best chance to immediately end up with the best house that suit your requirements and satisfaction. Good luck to you, Kerry!

Winfred Herrington @ Sold Team

Justin Garrett said...

Online house hunting sounds like the most convenient option, especially to those who have no time to walk-in to actual places. However, this option is also more risky, particularly in cases where you have not yet seen the entire house and meet seller, but you are already transacting the selling procedures. I hope you wouldn’t fall into those schemes, and find a home that’s actually as good as it looks in the photos. I'm glad to hear from you, Kerry! Have a great day!

Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes