Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Have you seen these?


Years ago, my accountant hired me to update her dated office. She had just insisted that her assistant remove all of the smoked plexi-glass wall pockets from the office and charged me with finding something new. 
I failed. There was nothing but the most pedestrian and/or ugly thing available. If I had been a bit more industrious I would have thought to spray paint them and rehang but I did not and she moved to a new office.
I would have killed for these!


I not only love the gold finish (they come in silver and white too) but the unobtrusive shape.
I love beautiful storage options. it has been on my mind because the first half of this year is about taming the clutter monster in my house...the second half is about moving south, in case you wondered.


Dianne said...

You are going to love the south, especially Charleston! I live in NC and think we have the best beaches and mountains in the Carolinas!

Kim@The Green Room Interiors said...

Where are you moving to???

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Those are very cool! Wish I had an office -- there are so many fun office/desk accessories now. Our secretary desk doesn't allow for much to style :(

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

I have seen them, and love them! Wishing you a fabulous year ahead...sounds very exciting! xo Nancy

Raina Cox said...

Those are incredibly cool. I never think to browse their "smalls." I usually check in on the furniture and throw pillows and that's it.

Segreto Finishes said...

You're right, beautiful storage is worth its weight in gold and these are so pretty!!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Karena Albert said...

Very nice Kerry! All the best to you in 2015! I see So many good things coming your way!

The Arts by Karena

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love them! Well done CB2.

Windlost said...

OMG, those are a gorgeous find Kerry. L O V E!

So excited to hear more about Charleston. Hey, I can visit you there if I don't make it to VA before you move. We plan to go back!

xo Terri