Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Potty mouth

Last week, I had the occasion to meet with a few moms from the new Montessori school that my daughter is enrolled in and sip some coffee and chat.
The house was a turn of the century stick style and thoughtfully decorated with a few unexpected touches.
As I was leaving I thought it might be wise for me to visit the loo.
Good thing it was coffee and not wine or I might have shouted, "Holy s#!%! Why have I never seen these before?!"
Instead, I contained my enthusiasm for this product and promptly bought two online.

I had no idea such things existed. I was thrilled that the bathroom needs of a small child were solved neatly without the unattractive accoutrements that I currently have.

Have you found an unusual and amazing product lately?
I've got another one for you tomorrow.

4 comments: said...

Funny our post titles are so close today--yet so different. I did see those at Home Depot I think after we were through that stage though. I thought it was brilliant!

Vel Criste said...

Hahaha! I once had this for my sons when they were little. The only amazing product I saw recently was HUE which I posted about last Friday. :-)

The Pink Pagoda said... Why wasn't this available 14 years ago?

home before dark said...

Or 33 years ago? However, a sensor on a toilet that can 1. Detect when a man has used the toilet and automatically lowers the lid afterwards and 2. Detects when said person misses the target and sets off alarms, automatically locks bathroom doors and set not to open until the mess has been cleaned up still might have a market!

ps Good luck with Montessori. We had a lovely creative experience.