Friday, April 19, 2013

Making my family room suck less

After Monday's post on pillows and my family's comments on our mishmash of furniture, I decided it was time for a new coffee table. Ours was a temporary, who cares table that I was putting up with while my daughter was little and destructive. I figured I could risk it all on this one from CB2. Not pricey and a little bit of style.

The table does not fix all of the problems in the room like the lack of paint and wall-to- wall carpet that I hate but it did remove one of the eyesores. I am seriously on the hunt for the right mid-century dresser/buffet to replace this shameful, Holiday Inn- looking business that holds the TV.

After that it will be some time until the painting gets done and flooring replaced. The ceilings are 18 feet so its no easy task and the open concept floor plan means a lot hardwood has to be installed. sigh...

The silly part was that I spent a whopping two minutes ( Can't you tell?) styling this while my three-year old was asleep. I took alsmost everything off again after this shot and it now looks like this.

Keepin' it real, folks.


Julia | Pawleys Island Posh said...

I love it. Really love it.

Cathy Wall said...

Love this table and it DOES add a zip of style, but I don't think your FR actually "sucks!" Your blog title did make me chuckle tho and I love that you are keepin' it real!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love the table, and that "Holiday Inn" comment made me laugh out loud.

Kimberly Lemmon said...

It's called design unfiltered. My kids are grown but I have a husband, a dog, a teenager and 20 year old. No further explanation needed. I love the new coffee table!!!

michele said...

keepin it real FABULOUS is more like it! i love your place and your effortless chic. bravo, lovely!

smiles and peace to you.


Karen Albert said...

Loved your post title. my morning laugh for sure. The table is really just right. We are all so hard on ourselves. I look around and there is so much I would like to do....much on hold for now!

Gorgeous painting as well of course!

Art by Karena

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Love the coffee table, and the curtains and sofa with the pink pillows are great.
Happy Friday.

Kim said...

Love the new coffee table! And I have used that Holiday Inn piece many times as we stayed in one every summer at the beach growing up!! Paint that Sucker and it will really Suck Less!! xoxo

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I needed a good laugh this morning and you supplied it!
The coffee table is great...I love it.
"Holiday Inn" would look great with some paint. A great Annie Sloan project!
Your Art makes the room, don't worry about the rest of it!!!!

PURA VIDA said...

you are funny!

Nancy said...

Great table Kerry! It looks like the perfect fix I think. Love those Bruno chairs with it. Really looking good!
Have a great day.
xo Nancy

Vel Criste said...

Kerry, I honestly don't think your family room 'sucks', I think the mismash is cool and quirky! I love the new table - either way!