Wednesday, April 10, 2013

D.C. Design house and more

This should be titled, D.C. design house, my new skirt and David Gregory's hissy fit but let's talk design first.

Andrea Houck
This vignette in the side hall was favorite and the artwork was stunning. The designer Andrea Houck also designed the "French modern bar" in an adjacent space.
I focused on how each designer used art in their spaces and while stunning, many were high gloss or under glass. I did my best.

Art in the bar
Near the bar, was the powder room designed by Charles C. Almonte. The Farrow and Ball wallpaper was the real star but he also used this mounted piece of recycled glass that was a magenta color.

It really had me craving a bit of sculpture in the Steele house.

The master bedroom had some incredible details. Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beari Designs was on hand to fill us in.

Master bedroom
Did you notice the vintage light fixture that Susan used? It was fabulous but there were two other things that topped it.

There were two of these built in bookcases facing each other. They are certainly on my favorites list.
All of the art in the master bedroom is by M.J. Staton.

OK, more design house goodies tomorrow. I don't want this to be a never ending post.

I mentioned a skirt. I took this Instagram pic when I got home because the group shot washed it out. It came to be at 10:30 the night before the Design house. I was unhappy with what I had to wear and panicking a bit. I don't often freak out about my clothes but this was the end of a long and stressful day. I was positive that I would simply ruin it.
In the morning I asked Mr. Design du Monde how stupid it looked and was surprised when he said "Its very pretty. It looks like one of your paintings." I said, "It is."  So I wore it. It made me happy.
He told me to write this... Its the first piece of my art that he ever wanted to hike up. Seriously, he made me say that, LOL!

With Nancy and Bethany of Powell-Brower Home

What does any of this have to do with NBC's David Gregory? Well, as I was leaving, a very, very tall familiar looking man asked me if I had been working at "the residence"? I replied that I had been at the design house and he said you all can't park here, gesturing to the dozens of cars parked on the street. A public street, mind you. "You are blocking things" he said.
Mr. Gregory, I realize that Washington is its own special bubble of weirdness, but I am pretty sure that parking on the street is legal even if it annoys you.
 I explained that the PR people told us told to park on side streets. "I'll bet they did" was his annoyed reply. He went on to say that that was not going to happen anymore! and took off running up the street towards the design house. That is when I realized who he was and chuckled. I just got to "Meet the press" and he was pissed.


Nancy said...

So great to be with you Kerry. I didn't see any big shots there! It was a gorgeous neighborhood. Tell Norb he's hilarious.
xo Nancy

StagerLinda said...

Thanks for the tour of the DC Design House. I covet the all of the art. Love the picture of you and the Brower Gang!How much fun that you got to be together. Love the Mr.'s comment.Funny that you outted Mr.Big Shot for being pissy. Great post!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Thats so funny! Yes -those neighbors need to CHILL OUT -it's only for a short while and like you said -it's public street parking. Oy vey..... I spend a lot of time in that neighborhood for work and I can tell you those neighbors are all sort of a-hole a-types who need to chill out.
So great to finally meet you - you looked great, the skirt was very pretty!
Can't wait to hear about some of your other favorite things in the house, I hope to get a post up today or tomorrow but we're in the midst of this move so it may be this weekend!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

It's a good thing I wasn't there....I am not always, should we say SWEET!

Vel Criste said...

Love all the eye candy, but love seeing some of my fave bloggers all together!!!! Wow! You all look pretty, but I agree kerry, your skirt was washed-off by the sun, love seeing it though, Mr. Steele was right, your skirt does look like one of your paintings! As for Mr. Gregory - glad you stood your ground and didn't get "star-strucked" ! LOL!

An Urban Cottage said...

That first painting is a knockout!
Love the skirt too.