Monday, October 5, 2015

Project tidy update

My zhush is done. Is it a profound change? No, but it does make our life better. It was a snowballing project. I estimated a week tops to do everything. Uh... its been six weeks.
I went to remove the love seat and clean, only to notice the dearth of belongings and total crap my college girl left behind. I emptied her closet and noticed that it looked pretty beat and I should paint it. I decided to use leftover SW Faint coral from the dining room and living room ceilings. I did not have enough. Ugh! and I needed to paint the trim, closet hanging rods and shelf.

You may remember from my original project tidy post that I wanted to get my computer off the kitchen table. (Guess where it is now.) and set up a new play area for my six year old.
After a weekend visit from my daughter (a week after class started) I was able to put things back where I wanted them.

It is fantastic to have corralled all of her stuffed animals and to be able to just leave the easel out for her.
It will be quick to change when my daughter has a school break.
It was an absolute godsend when I woke up on a Saturday morning with a nasty cold. I laid on the bed in relative comfort during sheer misery while my daughter drew pictures and played without sitting in front of a TV.
One thing that only kind of works is keeping my laptop upstairs. It spotty and has resulted in only slightly less clutter in the kitchen and breakfast room.


Raina Cox said...

Good for you! That must feel amazing. And I hope you're feeling better.

Nancy said...

love the yellow and blue combo...such a happy place. hope you feel better very soon :)

Karena Albert said...

Love what you have created, really adore this clean crisp space Kerry!

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Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

That's great that you both have a non-tv space to hang out together. I have my computer in my family room - I think it'd be VERY hard to put it in another room, away from everything/everyone so I give you credit!