Friday, October 17, 2014

House tour by paint color

One of the first things I was dying to do to my house when we first moved in was paint the walls. It is relatively cheap and I was aching to cover the "Swiss Coffee" or builder beige walls.

My initial instinct was to choose the same colors from my previous house that I loved. Luckily, my husband procrastinated long enough for me to come to my senses. The light is far better in this house and we have some different furniture in the rooms.
Although it wasn't the first room I tackled my living room is just inside the front door.

I used Sherwin-Williams Faint Coral. It is a pale pink that leans slightly towards peach and is a little muddy.
It might be my favorite paint color in the house. It is understated and sophisticated, not the least bit sweet.

Connected to this formal living room is my formal dining room and I wanted a foil for the feminine room on the other side of the archway. A masculine, cigar box was the intended look.

We used S-W Rugged Brown in a gloss for the walls.

Upstairs I used a color that was most like the color of my previous bedroom but far better.

S-W Wondrous Blue is one of those chameleon colors that changes dramatically with the light. It is blue most of the time but the lavender and gray undertones sometimes become the main event.

My son's room was fair game after he left for college and the very first One Room Challenge  linking event was the impetus to get me going.

I knew I wanted a moody, masculine color and S-W Naval was an easy decision.

My youngest daughter's room has been a decision problem for me. One day I just could not stand it any longer and ran out for paint samples.

I ended up using Benjamin Moore's Key Pearl which is as pale as my living room pink but a much cleaner color. It is not overly sweet or overly pink, just a barely there color that lets other items do the talking.

Read more about how I chose the pink HERE.
Confession: we have a vast open plan on the remainder of our first floor that we have not painted in the more than 3 years we have been here. Now that we have decided to move, it is on the must do list but while I look at paint I can't help but fantasize about the colors for the next house.

Do you love or loath choosing paint colors?


My Notting Hill said...

You've decided to move - I missed that! Love seeing this tour of your home, especially the shot from the dining room into the living room. Looking forward to seeing you next house!

Karena Albert said...

Beautiful color choices Kerry, I did not realize you are moving either...keep us posted for sure!!

The Arts by Karena

Kim@The Green Room Interiors said...

It's kind of a love/hate thing for me. Mostly love, but then I start second guessing myself and compare similar colors endlessly until I drive myself crazy. Other than that I love it. haha Good luck with the move - and I have always loved that pink in your living room!

Windlost said...

Oh, I love love love that first pink/coral. I am feeling like painting my office this sort of soft, sophisticated colour. I used to LOVE choosing paint, and now it feels like a chore, as I feel like I know exactly what I want but can't find the colour. I find it frustrating now, and I have a bad back and repainting is always a drag!! I will email you more this weekend about a certain southern city and send some photos and tell you things I loved and didn't love (the heat)...!

xo Terri

Alison Fauls said...

I love the dining room counterpoint to the living room. What has brought on the move?

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Your home is lovely Kerry! I want to hear more about your moving plans!! I love paint and love to experiment with color every few years. Best of luck with your plans!! xo Nancy

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That artist skill shows itself - you know how to pick colors girlfriend!! :)

Richmond Gordon said...

This pink colour would certainly be in my wife's ballpark but I would maybe lean towards the brown of the dining room. What can I say, I guess it's the cigar box thing! A lot of people go to the neutral colours when selling their home but I think you can get away with strong tones if it's well done.

Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters