Monday, August 26, 2013

The worst client in the world

" You can get wit this or you can get wit that"
That song is stuck in my head as I try conquer my indecisiveness on chairs for my kitchen table.
The time as come to change out the chairs and I am torn.
 Let's recap. Several months ago, I came up with this as my favorite option. The farm table stays but I will be using a different light fixture. The curtain fabric is the same and  I now have a faux bamboo sideboard.

I was pretty set on black Louis chairs.
I had a few other ideas that I think I have nixed.


Last week I was sure that I wanted some Danish modern chairs that I could recover in hot pink on the seat.
 Now I am thinking Louis chairs in a fun color.

As I talk the worst client in the world (me) through this, I discover the crazy lady's main goals are #1 not to be boring #2 not to be so risky style-wise that the the chairs in question are hated in a year or so.
So basically, I want a safe choice that is not boring. WTF Kerry!!?

The Louis chairs are on sale now so I think I should jump. I am not in love with the turquoise color. I was thinking hot pink is more relevant to my house but that would involve reupholstery.

Lime green doesn't really make sense in my house either.

 Which leads me back to black...yawn.

My thought is to get the Louis chairs and recover them in a few months.
What do you think?
I am a huge pain as my own client.


House@heart said...

I am loving the black chairs with the farm table and the curtains and the light!! To me it translates as moody and dramatic! And I love it!!
But thats's just me!:)

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

When you keep coming back to your original thought, that is telling you something. I procrastinate on rooms and pieces too long...just do it, already.

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Get the black chairs, live with them a while. When you get bored with the black, recover them. Those would be pretty easy to do yourself. PS I think the turquoise or green would be pretty too!

Karen Albert said...

Kerry what if you only recover the backs of the Louis chairs in a cool fabric?

Perhaps an option!

Feature:Artist Anne Harwell

Vel Criste said...

I love the teal louis chairs the most. I think it can go well with pink too! If your really in a bind, recover 2 in pink! Black is a strong color, lovely and classic true, but, if you plan on recovering, the tinge of black might show thru your fabric! Just a thought. Good luck Kerry! Your not the only one on a bind like this, we all get like YOU a lot!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I'm on board with a few others here. Get the black chairs. They will look fabulous! When you tire of them, then recover !!!

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

I def think the Louis chairs are the best. Good luck!
xo Nancy said...

I agree with everyone else- go with black. And like Kimberly says, those are not hard chairs to recover. You can do it!

Lenny Lianne said...

OK, it's a kitchen table -- and you
have kids. How long will the black
(velvet?) last? The Louis chairs look
sturdier -- but with what fabric will
you be recovering them?

An Urban Cottage said...

If you were me, you'd buy the Louis chairs in some color you hate with the bright idea that you'll recover them in a few months when you have some time. A few months would turn in to a few years and there are the chairs still wearing that hideous color telling you what a disappointment you are. Finally, when you're convinced you're a huge failure, you'll take the chairs to an upholsterer and pay $1000 to have them recovered. You'll get them back and you'll love them until you realize you need a new table to go with them.

michele said...

hahahahahaha! you can git wit this! i totally totally can relate.

hang in there!


The Pink Pagoda said...

Whatever you do will be fantastic. I'm exactly the same about my house. Drives me crazy!

Stacey said...

I drive my husband crazy because I am the same way which means lots of unfinished projects. I agree with Linda. In the end, you'll choose what works best for your space, it just might take you awhile:-)

The Governors Daughter said...

you sound like me! I hear you about black. I feel like its not fun enough. However! Until you recover or if you recover, you could put small lumbar pillows on the end chairs made out of fun colors or prints. It would certainly stand out on the black!

Susan said...

Hmm...get the black chairs. Use fabric paint and splatter them ala Jackson Pollock...or do a racing strip ala Camaro down the front. Maybe gold and a polka dot?
This way if you mess them up then you will HAVE to recover them :)