Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I saw this pin on Pinterest and was really inspired to paint using it as inspiration.

I cracked myself up trying to blend already dry acrylics and gouache. I am really accustomed to oils at this point and find myself forgetting about my paints which is OK with oils but not acrylics.
It was a fun and quick painting to make.
My result is far more literal than I usually end up with but I am kind of liking it.

"Mason jar" 16 x 20 acrylic and gouache on canvas by Kerry Steele


julielorusso@gmail.com said...

I love it!

Kim said...

Kerry! I love it! I have no idea what you mean about mixing oil and gouache ... so just do what it is you do and I'll sit back and enjoy!! xo

Elizabeth Day said...

I love this interpretation, Kerry.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kerry...it is gorgeous!

An Urban Cottage said...

Very pretty! Flowers are a difficult subject.

Nancy said...

Love it! Hope youre enjoying the quiet!
xo Nancy

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Kerry, I love this painting. I know it's a departure from your style but it's just as lovely!

Lenny Lianne said...

Love the painting! The softness
is gorgeous as is the negative space
of the composition. Kudos.