Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dispatch from the easel

"Fleurs trouvée" oil on cnavas by Kerry Steele
I feel like I have been in a bit of a slump when it comes to painting lately. This painting above sat behind my easel for several weeks because I painted what I call a lost canvas. My mother insisted that I keep painting.
I think I was able to salvage it.
The only reason I bothered was that I had three canvases that were looking pretty awful to me and I didn't want to screw up another so it was kind of a "nothing to lose, everything to gain" painting session.

I have to be really careful about the opinions of other people. Its hard to ignore praise and even harder to ignore criticism. I am really comfortable with failure as part of the process but others are not. Its so dangerous (to creativity) to embrace praise for something that you feel is not your best work. Then there are the people that mean well but don't get it and say things like "I see an elephant" to your latest abstract.
I have to put those things in another compartment of my brain so to speak so that it does not inform my painting.
I am hoping for a productive summer.
I am really liking the little paintings on paper lately and have been tempted to keep a few.
no. 80


no. 81
I also did another abstract on 18 x  24 canvas with a floral feel.

"The seventh dream" oil on canvas by Kerry Steele
I refuse to show you the figure painting that ended up looking like Brenda Starr. I am humble but not stupid.


The Pink Pagoda said...

I think it's all lovely! I especially like The Seventh Dream.

Vel Criste said...

I don't think any of them are not good Kerry, they all look Gorgeous! Favorites are the Seventh dream and no. 81!

Karen Albert said...

Kerry I know what you mean. I have been experimenting with different style, a bit of pointillism etc. Similar in ways to your Seventh Dream and Fluers Trouv'ee, I like the feel of the brush on canvas and the repetitive strokes! Limited palette.

Art by Karena
Giveaway from Splendid Sass.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Kerry...I think that's natural...a lot of artist take breaks or slow down at times....I have taken a 15 year break...I use to sell my work and paint all the time..wasn't it Picasso who didn't paint for a long time? Oh, well....your work is gorgeous!

Kim said...

Fleurs trouvee and the Seventh Dream are my favorites. I went to hear Charlotte Moss speak today and she strongly encouraged ... listen to your heart and yourself. Be true to you ... not everyone else. Just do what you do ... it rocks!! xo

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I understand what you are saying, but everyone sees things differently. Fighting a compliment on something that you don't feel is your best is a waste of energy. I know that your worst would always outshine my best. Fleurs trouvee is wonderful...and my favortie colors.

Lenny Lianne said...

Both of your new floral paintings
are gorgeous.

What I admire is that they're
neither totally abstract nor totally
realistic but there's a feel of both --
and the colors are delightful.

Letting a composition, be it a painting
or a poem, sit for a while, if you
don't think it's going well, lets the
internal creative spirit mull it over
and then show you a new direction
when you're ready.


Windlost said...

Haha. You kill me. I love your paintings - they are all fluid and such beautiful colours. I am loving no.80 right now. :)

xo T.

Elizabeth Day said...

You are still my inspiration and one day I am going to act on it and pick up the brushes again. What ever "Fleurs trouvee" was to begin with, it is beautiful today. I love the layers of color and depth you've created.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

I think they are all beautiful! I'd love to see your pieces in person. Maybe a field trip in late July or August? I'll be back at home the rest of the summer.